Ban policy

I have a ban of 14 days for saying my pocket doesnt pocket… i was telling the other flank im going to die and they need to win fast… i think the ban policy is ban automaticly aply if anyone complaint and its for 14 days, i didnt insult anyone in this case and the santion are disproportionate for this types of things… because ban is so easy to execute and its no type of investigation this things discourages to play the game.

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I have seen some complaints about this in the past. More often then not is the conclusion that the person wasnt telling the full story.

Can you share your user name? Then we can have a look at some of your games. I cant imagine some one is banned just because of one match in which he claimed to do nothing wrong.

Can you also share the reason behind the ban?


stop lying man the ban system is similar to dota, its all automatic and devs dont check them. so once you get a certain number it auto bans, so you must have pissed several people off with other things you’ve said


OK i tell all the history, in the past i was ban and was justified im talking about 4 months ago, since then if its likes yundao says the bans are made in automatic way it is just too unfair.
I have a lot of bans for banal things, i was harassed and i cant write back because the ban is automatic, the bans are even larger 7 days first, 14 days now, and if somebody denounced me was not a 14 days ban if even its justified 1 hour of ban. Then what should i do, dont write never more in the future because the danger of have a unjustified ban is in the air, and the ban could bee of 1 moths? its too unfair the automatic ban even more if the sanction are for more time for banal things.
yes i have bad behaiuor in a moment i get notice but now its ridiculuos i cant play for no reaseons. And 14 days? for saying my pocket doesnt pocket really? in that game i play until imperial my base was destroy and Respectfully type gg the result 14 days of ban.
something need to change the times of the saction or the facts that nobody human checks the complaint.

My user name is león santillán, and steam name is leonsantillan45.

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its the shitty system for sure!

if you do 1 bad thing they will invalidate everything else you did, and site the 1 bad thing that you did in the past.


The secret to not being banned is: Don’t be an annoying team mate. That means:

  1. Don’t keep flaring the map everywhere repeatedly every time you’re attacked. The noise is really annoying. Flare once and calmly explain the situation. Don’t overreact or shout in your message. This could also be a cultural difference. E.g. Beeping your car horn constantly when you drive is normal in some countries, but it’s extremely rude, aggressive and annoying in most other countries. So try to be aware of the fact that your idea of being rude in your culture might be different from your team mates’ cultures.
  2. Try to defend yourself, don’t rely on others to help you every time you’re attacked. That means wall early and wall with houses and buildings behind your walls. Build a tower on your gold if you’re really struggling.
  3. Be respectful when you ask for help. That means be patient, don’t swear, insult or be rude to your team mates and DON’T TYPE EVERYTHING IN CAPS. And don’t. Spam. Send. Only. A few. Words. At. A time. Because. The. Notification. Sounds. Are. Really. Annoying. It’s almost as annoying as the constant map flare noises.
  4. Don’t rage quit as soon as you’re under a bit of pressure. Learn how to react quickly and small wall if you haven’t had time to get your proper walls up. Quitting should be the last resort which you only consider when you’ve exhausted all other options and discussed with your team, so try to get into the habit of never being the first player to quit. Even if you still eventually lose, you will learn a lot from dealing with the pressure and you’ll get more comfortable with defending.
  5. If you really can’t defend your base or you’re being attacked and overwhelmed by multiple opponents, make sure you have a backup plan of where you can go. Retreat somewhere else on the map you’ve scouted with decent resources or see if a team mate will let you into their base. Even if you only have a handful of villagers, you can still rebuild and be more useful to your team than if you just quit.
  6. If your team mates ask for help, either help them or suggest what they can do, especially if you are the stronger player on your team. Ask another team mate to help if you’re not able to. Being a team player means sometimes you have to sacrifice your personal goals in favour of the team’s objective. Sometimes that might mean buying time for your team mates by going super aggressive all-in Feudal or 1 TC castle aggression to allow your pockets to boom behind. Or sometimes it means just full booming behind walls with markets and slinging your team mates. It depends.

Its happen again…
I don’t need to be explained what behavior is good and what is bad. I have a 320 hr ban… i didnt insult anybody, because i know this is a posibiliy and again because someone report me the ban is of more days andit is not justified. I’m pretty sure nobody checks this bans they are done automatically and to a greater extent, and this is just unfair. The fact that every time i got a report because i said “i need more army”, or “can you please attack” o rsaid a thing of those in a TEAM GAME. and i get bans of weeks of duration its not a good system. Someone need to checks this things and do something.

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Just post the game rec. Or, your account name. Let people check it on aoeinsights, or check the actual recording.


You really have a habit of rage quitting don’t you

You are allowed to use family share account to evade the ban which will compensate you in another way.

In my opinion, the automated ban system is fair compare with other solutions. In fact, few people are qualified to be an online judge and there is no solid definition of grieving and verbal abuse in game. For example, refuse to cooperate and taunt are reportable but they are not in any listed rules

On the other hand, the ban system will save a lot of labor from viewing each report manually so that the devs can use the resources on something else more important.

I do agree with you except this.
In dota, all players in a premade team reported 1 guy, and this guy will only receive 1 report count.
But in aoe2 , you will surely get banned if you pissed off a premade team which means all reports count

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huh damn I guess I did need to be careful too, my teammate was fuming over me losing all my vills (we still won btw) and was trying to get everyone to mass report me lol.

yep thats the same in dota as well

im done with this age of empires bann system.
-if you cannot shit talk to enemies and bully them when wining then remove the voice chat numbers from the game.
-disable to create teams in ranked. make friends play casual or lobby. its unaccetable to be reported by x4 teamates who are in discord b you mess with one of them in game. (also its not a ranked lobby when you allow a team to have 2k side by side with 1k. buts thats another story)
-if someone dont like reading you DEVS MUST DEVELOP AN OPTION TO NOT SEE CHAT FROM ENEMIES NOR X FROM ALLIES IN MINI MAP if you dont want to be hurt feelings.
-STOP BANING PEOPLE FOR INTERACTING WITH OTHERS. unless is an insult or a racist comment you shouldnt be bann for chating, discussting, complaining, blaming, annoying or make fun of.


The problem is not the reason of ban. It is the issue of the automated ban system. You will get banned only when you received enough report counts for any reason.
Losers usually get mad and trash talk. you will be reported if you try to counter them with anything

Or maybe you might just be toxic and deserve to be banned? The fact that you shout in capital letters indicates that you’re at least very short-fused and incapable of a mature reasonable discussion.


maybe i was just trying to highlight the most important part of my text.
if you add emotions to size and shape of words… its your mistake

ohh no! he will report me too!!

It’s literally how the medium of text works.


so in a newspaper the editor is shouting the heading to the public jAjajaj

Newspapers never use all capitals in the normal paragraphs under the headline.


you said that the fact that i use capital means im shouting and upset.
now you correct yourself and changed it to if i use it in the paragraphs… i could give you also examples but will be a waste of our time. i will only say you are trying to be a troll here and diverge from main topic. you are the short-fused and incapable of following the main theme in a video game forum.