Ban pros and players who exploit bugs etc intentionally please

I think I don’t have to write the code of conduct here.
So I just kindly ask to ban all pro players because Relic seems really good at following it in the forum.

Aren’t you the guy who said Tower Rushing is easy to counter because you build 2 scouts and animation cancel to kill their villagers?


Maybe he doesn’t want his tower rush to be easily countered by animation cancel.


You can’t just ban all the pro players. Considering the definition of a pro to be someone who literally does that as their job, by banning them, you want to destroy their livelihood, either:

A) Because it benefits you in some way, or
B) Because they happen to exploit bugs or other “features” that the devs unintentionally created, haven’t fixed yet, and the pros feel the need to exploit in order to keep up with the other players.

Really not a good idea, or something that will ever happen.

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If they didn’t ban people who Mongol TC rushed they won’t ban people who animation cancel to snipe landmarks. This is on the game not the players and is not comparable toe infinite relics etc.

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LOL Burn, and he told me to play Art of War when I was ranting about Mongol OP.

They can’t ban something that the game allows.
May be morally ugly, but is not a cheat.

What they must do is fix it. The problem is how abandoned they have the game

I will be happy if they ban me and all others who used bugs etc. I have no problem with it, I have money and I can buy more.

Whatever motivates you to want them see banned, it won’t happen. They profit from them, free marketing. They wouldn’t be banning them even if they flat out cheat on steam. Its more likely they got banned from twitch for a day.
The only reason they would ever ban someone is, when they make more money this way. But you would probably need to offend constantly a, at this moment, sensible topic or eat babies live or something like that.