Ban Walls for a new Ranked Mode?

Make a ranked game mode where walls are banned. Both wooden and stone. There’s the simple solution. Problem solved. Now, you can end the game before it even reaches the castle age with a scout rush. GG. Or even a militia rush in the darkage.

There’s the middle ground for you. Wallers are happy. And non-wallers are happy.

Make a 1v1, and team version of no walls game mode for ranked. Make it a tickable option for unranked games.


Why do you want to do this? No one complains about the walls themselves, but about how the opponent eco goes smoothy with his eco even being walled. The only thing that IMO the walls need is just increasing the cost to punish the wallers eco more and more, but now they can just wall and at the same time add military buildings so easy same as the one who didn’t wall. This is a strategy game and walls are part of it, defending is a strategy like attacking.

Just ban them. Simple fix for a new gamemode. Then you won’t have to nerf walls into the ground to the point they totally useless.

Here’s how to fix walls for once and for all. Make walls take 60 seconds to make per tile. Then it means, it takes ages for the walls to go up.

They will introduce Empire wars mod, so if someone want direct aggression and no walls then play EW.


We dont really need a new game mode in ranked. There is afaik a no walls mod which can be used in the lobby. I dont think that mod is really popular, so there isnt really a reason to add this to ranked.

I do hope EW will somehow solve the issue, but based on RBW, some maps are still easy to wall and it is still about getting to castle age asap instead of big feudal wars.

This is probably the no walls mods. I dont have it used.

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But did you know there is a lof of situatuion when you can be fully walled without no walls? Just using houses and other barrakc, archery, etc., but mostly houses which would make huna totaly usless


I think the game needs a queue for more fun things like no Walls mod, Sudden Death, Hyperrandom etc. Doesn’t need to support more than 1-2 maps per rotation.

Having a low number of players on a queue, while lead to bad matches. Things like long waiting time or highly unbalanced teams. So i dont like this idea at all.

i cant take this suggestion seriously.
its just trolling.
Why dont you play modded games for your personal desires ? Even only dark age games etc.


I’d like to see something like a “no walls” brawl or something like this.
Just to see how people react if there were no walls at all. Especially those who always complain about walls.

T90 has several games from back on voobly of pros playing with the no wall mod. TheViper vs Yo - T90 Series #5 - No Wall Mod - Game 1 - YouTube

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I think watching no wall games, especially for unexperienced players, is something completely different than playing with it.
And also, just want to mention it… Why no wall mods aren’t a thing in current lobbies really?
It’s a bit ironical we always talk about no wall mods but almost nobody wants to play with them.

This thread is just a strawman, it would be like if the “non wallers” made a thread proposing a ranked mode were military before castle age is banned. Who cares about nuance anyway?


It’s no strawman. We are just tired about that repeated “walls op” crying every few months.
Let’s just check where this leads to and see how the community reacts to it if walls are nerfed to a state they are basically unplayable.
I mean they are already close to it, but let’s give them the nail in the coffin and look where it leads to.

Yes they always say: we don’t want to get completely rid of, them, they are only too strong right now.
But the reality they say the same thing over and over again and repeatedly after every nerf they already gotten by making the devs down with claiming that.
And I really dislike that tactic, it’s hypocrit.

Let’s clear it once for all, make one time a event game mode without walls and see how the community reacts to it.


I assume that you can only do late scout rush and get out boomed by other player who usually do a wall and boom strategy. So Im gonna offer a few suggestions.

  1. SC rush should not be later than 20p or you won’t be able to stop a naked FC without wall
  2. Try to add archers or just do archer rush, the wooden wall cannot really stop archers.
  3. Learn to boom so you can out boom a fully walled enemy.
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I would love that to happen. Walls and defensive buildings make the game much more boring and long lasting.

You’re right.
Ideally a game should end by minute 10 in dark age.
What’s the point of going to castle age or even imperial when you have villagers that start with bonus damage vs buildings?
USE THEM! :face_with_monocle:


treaty ranked wheeen

I would like to see this happen, just to finally get people to stop crying about walls, when they realize how incredibly dumb this game would be without feasible/viable walling. (I mean, basically, every map would become something like Socotra – a map I personally enjoy the most, but I’m not sure that everyone likes it as much as I do…)


Just no. Stop it, get some help.

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