Barbarossa Brawl

Hey, guys! I know I’m late to the party and everyone is freaking out over the DLC civs, but I was wondering whether the brawl challenge is going to be available somewhere/sometime, either with or without leaderboards. I am quite new to the game (I played AoE2 as a kid, but yeah), so I wasn’t entirely feeling confident in doing the challenge and missed it. Yeah, yeah, tough luck, but it would be nice to have it as a map somewhere to play whenever without any official scorekeeping, only for yourself basically.

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I think they sadi they will bring it out at some point as a custom scenario, but I have not seen anything like that yet…

They once statet that there will be a place (i.e. a selection menu) where all the challange scenarios (Mongol Raiders, Barbarossa Brawl,…) are available but since the announcement, there has unfortunately been no news in this regard.

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The challenge is a few months old, but you can still play it (until the game devs remove it and install a new Scenario Challenge)

I for one enjoyed it…Barbarossa Brawl really tests your ability to build up your defenses quickly and efficiently against MULTIPLE opponents. Even if you lose, you can try again and again.