Bari 5 - "Defend Bari" Bug


In Update 34699, I am unable to complete the final Bari mission, “The Onrushing Tide”, due to a bug that I believe has to do with the 20-minute timer that was recently added while you’re defending Bari. I have played through mission multiple times, having saved both before and during the timer, but in both cases, nothing would happen once the timer ran out; the clock would simply disappear, while the objectives would still display “Defend Bari” for the remainder of the game. The Normans would never retreat, making the scenario essentially impossible to beat.

I was hoping to complete the campaign in one evening, but this glitch prevented me from doing so and I’m really devastated. I’m praying this issue gets addressed in the next patch so I can finally finish all the hard work I started.


UPDATE: I played the scenario again today, and it appears the bug only applies when you save your game at any point in the mission. When I played it without saving, the timer worked fine. So I’m guessing the clock has to be fixed so that loading a saved game doesn’t beak it.

Game Version: 101.101.35584.0

  • **Build: 4714640
  • **Platform: Steam
  • **Operating System: Windows 10
  • **Gamertag: Fallingstar91 (Steam)

Issue: If you save during Bari campaign last mision " The Orushing tide" your final defence timelimit finishes and nothing happens. You will not gain controll of ships and you are stucked under the endless attack till you just die. Thats the main thing. I also noticed “Sliding” units controlled by AI or stucked at one place. Also pathfinding is buggy. Vilagers keep intact when finding path to gold or stone, lumber… Also what is unplesant - if you click your units to attack certain enemy they often just attack nearby enemy and ignore direct click. Can be realy frustrating when you are trying to destroy for example Trebuchet. Please, take a look at this and make it work correctly. I like this game and you have done good job with it.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Everything allready writen. Save game in that part and you will see.

Game Version:

  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10


So I have been trying to beat the 5th mission of bari campaign on hard. Near the end you have to “defend” bari for 20 minutes, as a timer shows.

After some attempts with saving and loading I managed to not have the bari player get defeated for quite a while and then i noticed the timer had disappeared, eventually bari resigned and i got a defeat. I saw the recording to check what happened. The timer had just finished and nothing happened…

I feel the need to mention that this mission is seemingly impossible without exploiting the ai, like luring enemy units away from buildings you have to destroy… and now a bugged timer makes the mission impossible?

I’ve looked it up and only was able to find only one person mentioning this bug 1-2 months ago, but allegedly the bug occurs when you use save load function… So I finally decided to just start the mission from the start and not save the game at all… On the bright side once you’ve found a way to rush through the first submissions it feels less irritating. In the end the timer of defending bari finished and still nothing happened…

What’s the catch here? Is there another requirement for the trigger that is hidden? Is it because a part of bari has been destroyed? If that’s the case why not just trigger defeat right there to just let me know and not having second guesses that a bug is involved? Is it the placement of the hero unit? Does the castle have to do with anything? I still have some random guesses what could it be but i really don’t feel like trying random stuff just to see the timer not triggering anything in the end…

I had the same issue with this mission. The only way I found to beat the mission after several retries was to avoid the triggers of the first sub missions and defeat the players 5 + 7 with a lot of F3 and micro management before defeating player 4. After I killed all units of player 8, it again looked like the timer was broken. I had the game idling in the background and some 20 additional minutes after the timer was at 0 I suddenly got control of the navy and won the mission. The triggers seem to be completely broken anyway.

Just tried this campaign and can confirm that the timer does not trigger properly when 20 minutes have expired. Please fix.

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The F*** timer still doesnt work, makint the hard mode impossible to win.

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This mission is still undoable, even if you don’t save. I tried the second time to complete the mission in a single rush without saving, but still bugged. The timer expires and nothing happens; eventually, the endless waves of enemy will destroy the city and make you lose.

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I also had the clock bug - but i played about 10 minutes beyond when the clock ended and it eventually triggered into the next phase (getting control of the ships). I did save games throughout. The Castle didnt go down - not sure if that makes a difference. Towards the end I took my remaining forces and sniped trebs before they got into the red city, half the time the escorts never reacted. The catle can deal with all the rest of the crap that gets through (even though murder hole upgrade doesnt work).

Hello guys. Is anyone able to provide an update on this bug? I have tried all the above methods. I did the full game without saving or loading once which didn’t work. i also tried killing extra units to force the trigger. I also let the enemy wipe out Bari so hard that Bari resigned. Still nothing in any of these attempts…

After hours an hours of trying i cannot get this mission to end after the timer ends. its annoying as i want to complete it ! Please help if you can guys

So, this is still bugged. It doesn’t matter whether the timer is going or not. Nothing happens after the timer expires.

Okay, after examining this mission’s trigger system in the scenario editor, I believe I discovered the problem.

Apparently, not only do you need to wait for the timer to expire, but you also have to ensure that both Player 7 and Player 8 respectively have no more than 8 soldiers in Bari.

This isn’t so much a glitch as it is ridiculously vague and misleading instruction. The timer clearly implies that you simply need to survive long enough, and there’s pretty much no hint whatsoever that you have to have less than a certain number of Norman soldiers in the city.

My suggestion is to add an extra clip of dialogue if the timer expires but there are still too many Normans attacking Bari, indicating that you still need to finish them off.

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