Battering ram refusing to attack enemy stone walls

Got walled in as HRE by China on Black Forest. Not a problem, already had siege engineering in queue. Built a battering ram with man at arms, enemy HRE player gets to Age 3 in the meantime and is going for relics (if they’re smart). Timing is critical here but this is just a roadbump.

Battering ram refuses to attack the stone wall. Right click and attack move both don’t work.
I surrendered and took an L because of that. Not going to waste more time and miss out on relics on that map already. I should at least be able to contest. Probably could have punished them otherwise. Very frustrated.

Please fix this!

That’s rough, but it’s a daily occurance for Delhi players with Elephants and rams not attacking their targets when commanded to.

I hope it’s already a known issue.

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I have seem this issue with Dehli elephants as well

It’s a pathing issue especially when it cant fit on the tile becoz of it’s big size. Dont have them cram together with your army on the same narrow path. If their path is clear with no units of yours on it, it would always follow your command.

To me, it’s the game mechanics to get them stuck. The player with better position with better wider arc usually wins the battle.

Thanks, all! We are definitely looking into how we can make siege more reliable. Apologies you got the loss in that game @JumpedBuffalo84!

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