Battle Formations AoE I D

I have been thinking about what is that I missed more in AoE I and if I leave the trading system aside, I missed battle formations. In that age there were plenty of them so it wont be too mad to add them to the new game, they can give you more strategical view. Hope that units don’t stop with each other and paralize the game as it happened in AoE I & AoE II. The game cannot cope with more and the units block or take a lot of time to work.

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This thema we have discussed in 2-3 another threads.

I think the formation is a good idea but i didnt will that to much change and we have a aoe2 with aoe1 units and buildings.

@HaiCinderella Sorry for creating a new post then. I didn’t read it. It wont be an AoE II, but formations are always missing. Remember that AoE II comes from AoE I so… similarities are obvious

@Ravnico I know that AoE II come from AoE I but it give so many peoples here in the forum that will make the tower to a castle and that the farms walkable.
It give little think as Formation, pathfinding or more Population.
But it give many peoples there will make with the remastered edition another AoE and than it`s not a remaster

@HaiCinderella I know what you mean. I understood the definitive edition as “everything we couldn’t implement as in that age we couldn’t have access to all of this will have a chance to be implemented” as AoE II is a refined version of AoE I. But of course, if the community wants to keep it vanilla, let’s keep it vanilla. I was dreaming with flags, farm queue in granary and battle formations T.T

@Ravnico with the flags, the farm queue in granary and battle formation it isnt another aoe or like aoe2.
I hope it they make it too, but we will see today will start the Beta survey :smiley:

Should devs implement unit formations since Bronze Age?
  • Yes, but let us break formations if we want (acting as a toggle), to achieve AoE1 default pathfinding. Also give us an option to disable their usage entirely, similarly to the “solid farms” feature. A true definitive edition would allow players to choose how they want to play.
  • No, we prefer not to have formations implemented in any way. They were introduced in AoE2 and they should be avoided in AoE1 in order to preserve the original gameplay.

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With more than one week up, we already have our results.

Optional formations would be the best outcome. A toggle being available in both Custom Game and Campaigns screen would be ideal. They would not only apply to the player, but all other players as well.

I don’t think there’s a better way of thinking about formations, than them being optional.


Make it a Bronze or Iron Age technology.


…accessible through the Government Center :wink:

Would make sense, considering the “smart” stuff happens there, such as Architecture, Engineering and Alchemy.


Government Center would be usual choice but I would even suggest Academy.


Either building would be OK if you ask me, but since not only academy units would be affected by the tech, I think it would be better to have it available through Government Centers.

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I think formations would be one of the best quality of life improvements possible to AoE 1 DE. A frustrating part right now is if you have 20 units and you’re moving them across the map, their movement is a mess. They end up in a long meandering loosely connected group. Moving as a single large formation would fix so much of the headache moving large armies from point A to B.
Does not matter with 50 pop cap but at >100 pop caps, trying to move two sets of 20 units is a pain.

Also walls needs gates, otherwise walls are of limited value, but pathfinding and group movement is a bigger need.


Military formations as an Academy tech would be amazing, and would make a lot of sense, too.


I want formations, but only for certain Bronze and Iron Age units, like Hoplites (and their upgrades), Legion and Cataphracts.
Those are the only units that should move in formation.


Well, if they are implemented, I doubt they will be exclusive to certain military units… Probably the only units that won’t be getting formations are priests and villagers, but again, what the behavior of those units within the selection will be?


Usually, this kind of technology is researched at the Government Center!

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Yeah, sure! But you know, a military Academy seems like the perfect place for instructing units in formations!


They should implement formations for military units for all ages. That’s it.

That, the lack of a garrison meccanic and gates are the biggest thing that are missed in aoe1, and should be implemented from aoe2.