Battle of Namhan Fortress (Korea, 1636) - I put English translation!

This video is a scene of Korean movie, story about battle of Namhan Fortress.

I put translation.

Hope you enjoy.


Commander (of Korean troops) : “Forward!!!”

Aide : “We can’t see any enemies around barricade.”

Commander : “Throw in soldiers to three directions North, East, West. And send some scouts and patrol surroundings!!”

Aide : “Yes, sir!!”

(Korean soldiers attacked by enemies bombard cannons.)

Commander : “Retreat to the behind of barricade!!! Retreat Now!!!”

Commander : “Hurry!!! Retreat to the behind of barricade!!! Set formation!!!”

(Prime minister and General are watching the troops.)

Korean Soldiers : “It’s enemy’s cavalry troops!!!”

Commander : “Wait until they come close!!! Don’t shoot until I order!!”

(One of Korean soldiers shoot the matchlock, and everybody started to shoot.)

Commander : “Don’t shoot!!! Don’t shoot!!!”

Commander : “Hurry load your gun!!! Load your gun!!!”

(On the Fortress)

General : "We have to retreat the troops.

Prime Minister : “Send more troops.”

General : “It’s too late!!!”

Prime Minister : “Send every remaining troops!!! No matter what We have to win!!!”

General : “If we send reinforcements, they all going to die.”

Prime Minister : “Are you disobeying my order now?”

General : “I can’t kill my soldiers.”

General : “What are you doing??? Beat the drum, NOW!!!”

(Down to the field)

Commander : “It’s retreat sign!!! Raise the flag!!! Hurry retreat!!!”

Korean soldier : “Retreat!!!” (killed by Manchurian cavalry)

Manchurian troops commander : (Speaking in Chinese language) “Send infantry and chase them!!! Let no one survive!!!”


Location of Namhan Fortress :

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Thank you I’m always fascinated with Korean’s history. Hopefully we’ll have a full pledged campaigns (next DLC?) in the Korean region perhaps the Imjin War.

Really nice movie! Whats the full title (is there one in english maybe?) :slight_smile:
This clip also shows how bad hand cannons are performing and how they are countered by cavalry kappa.

It’s their in the description - The Fortress (2017 film).

Hope they could change the EA building set in the future, cause right now the EA architecture is entirely based on Japanese style. There should be a new generic EA architecture shared by Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

And what about Mongols?

Much better if devs can sell $1 packs for each civ. A unique architecture building skin set for all the civs.

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Mongols need to have their own nomadic architecture with tents and yurts, it’s rather ridiculous for them to have Japanese architecture

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