Battle Stances;- 'Seprate Click Button'

One of the thing that lacks in AoE franchise and many other similiar rts like Empires Dawn… with the exception of Rise of Nations. Is the concept of Battle Stances. There must be a seprate special command click button of battle stances so that whenever we selcet units, this ‘click’ button when pressing will alot various different battle stances like Aggressive, Defensive, Stand Ground, Raze buildings etc. Then this Battle Stance option must be avialable when selecting military buildings. So that whenever we like we can produce units of a different desired Battle Stance.

Is included in AoM. In the game options.

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Age of Empires 2 also has this. AOE 2 HD even added in the attack move stuff. AOE 3 is the one that messed it up by merging unit behavior with formations, and AOE 1 never had it in the first place.

EDIT: However, the ability to produce units with am adjustable default behavior mode, ala Dawn of War 1 , would be nice.


Amm I will try AoE II H.D. anyway.