Battle Tactics Thread

Italians version of the healing fortress endgame(DE only)

29 elite genoese crossbowmen,
21 hand canoneers,
10 monks, square formation, stand ground

40 genoese crossbowmen,
20 cavaliers,
20 condottieri,
3 onagers, 3 bombard canons, 15 trebs
39 eco

(In HD or when they fix it, 29 champions or condottieri instead of the 29 gen crossbows since the square formation with them on the outside only seems to exist in DE and 21 gen crossbowmen instead of the arbalests)

Vikings version of the healing fortress endgame:

29 Elite Berserks, 21 Arbalesters, 10 monks, square formation, stand ground.

40 Elite Berserks
40 Arbalesters
4 onagers, 16 siege rams
40 eco

Goths version of the healing fortress endgame:

29 Champions, Huskarls and Halberdiers(think drones, spam refillable), 21 hand canoneers, 10 monks, square formation, stand ground.

20 Huskarls
20 Cavaliers
45 spam

10 heavy scorpions, 4 trebs, 5 onagers, 1 siege tower + 2 vills, 3 bombard canons
40 eco
(210 pop)

Heal everything often to increase spam profitability and spam presence and consistency with fewer losses. Use the cavaliers and huskarls in hit and run tactics where they are strongest. Practice scortched earth tactics.

Turks version of the healing fortress endgame:

29 Champions, 21 Elite Janisarries/hand canoneers, 10 monks, square formation, stand ground

40 Janissaries/hand canoneers+ 20 Champions
20 Cavaliers/Camels/Hussars
20 Heavy Cav Archers,
8 Bombard Canons, 2 Siege Rams

  • excessive bombard towers

Byzantines version of the healing fortress endgame:

29 Halberdiers, 21 Hand Canoneers, 10 monks, square formation, stand ground -

20 Elite Cataphracts,
20 Paladins,
30 Arbalesters
30 Halberdiers and skirmisher spam
5 trebs, 5 siege rams
30 eco

Huns version of the healing fortress formation:

29 Halberdiers, 21 Crossbowmen, 10 monks, square formation, stand ground

10 two handed swordsmen for extra trash defense around the HF

20 Halbs + 20 skirms

20 Palladins
20 Elite Tarkans
20 Heavy Cav Archers
2 trebs, 5 siege rams, 5 mangonels,
1 siege tower+ 2 vills

15 eco

I’ll attempt to add a formation variation for every civ soon, once I’m finished I’ll put it all into my third post for the sake of consolidation, in the meantime I will edit any of the healing fortress variations when I feel something is better for a certain civ

While I’m not making healing fortresses, I do find a lot of use in healing up units now and then.

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Cause I can’t update it posting it here - the formation of 29 Teutonic knights, 20 monks and 10 hcs is supposed to be 29, 21 and 10 - either that or 30, 20, 10/ 29, 20, 11

29, 21, 10 is preferred cause you can call it the 21 wololo salute

Which of these setups has the most well-rounded attributes?

Vietnamese x Goths x Byzantines x Teutons -

Perfect anti archer and melee setup?

Or would this be better?

Portuguese x Vietnamese x Byzantines x Teutons

Ports for unlimited walls/bombard towers/repairs

Or on another hand this setup:

Italians x Portuguese x Goths x Teutons

Italians to add in anti ellie archers, and condottiero for extra anti gunpowder

Ports for their shpeal while the goths keep a semblance of anti archer while the teutons do their thing

Honestly I keep switching and changing up which one is my favorite - there are a few other variations but I am trying to keep the list short

The contestant civs are currently -


I try to be very selective, but I keep an eye on all of the civs as well as I may to add in contenders to the 4 man team

If you have any additions and reasons as to why that civ might be a contender or not one, let me know

Well if you don’t have a clearcut favourite you might as well play random and enjoy the diversity the game has to offer.

My own personal taste is to play just Teutons, but my intention is to build a well-rounded team with others that use different civs that take on my own weaknesses and strengthen my own forces and vice versa, it’s moreso an emphasis on what compliments the HF strat in general and how it may compliment ally units

I guess you should try a Berber ally then. Teutons kinda don’t like fighting cav archers and even less if you make the army even slower so you might as well have camel archers to fight them.


Some examples of a 4-Kingdom Alliance
for eco defense /30 farms each/ 120 farms total + any additional walls and defenses that may be made around it

This is my new account @WolfKhanGen , @ReigeOctavius are my older accounts, this will be the one I use for the remainder of posts - Teutonic Healing Fortress is my in-game name

Monks tip: Bind groups 11-20 to ctrl + qwertyuiop → and single type qwertyuiop (each individual key) for quick access.
Bind each monk by ctrl clicking the first portrait to the left of a group of monks for however many you want in each binding - for instance - ctrl+Q - ctrl+click - ctrl+W - Ctrl click etc, or double click to leave 2 monks in a single binding for larger groups and so on.

I’m switching the gold standard formation to 29 teutonic knights, 20 hand canoneers, 11 monks, stand ground - but keeping the 21 monk salute as is which is 29 tuets, 21 monks, 10 hands - reason being for easy garrison of the hands into the castle and the monks will hang out in the bunkers when staying at home

as a side effect gives the 11 monks laughter abilities

I give you siege/monk protection walls
3 layers thick
2 walls, 1 gate long going outwards
A safe place for siege standingby
And a more accurate healing fortress
Enough room to still run around the castle
Bottom tc is 1 space from the castle and walls
Sides and middle are right up against the castle
This will defend the siege from an incoming raid more importantly, and it
defends the castle even further from surrounding forces
The Monestary is 2 empty spaces away from the castle to allow room for walking around the castle as well when adding in towers

the group of 20 teutonic knights may garrison in the opposite castle if wanted

I dub the 2 monk formations as the Healing Fortress when the monks are in the bunkers, and the Teutonic Healing (Mobile) Fortress respectively
Siege may be switched out for anything random that suits the fancy and situation.

Edited the castle formation with walls’ bottom tc to be moved right against the castle - without walls it would be one space down - but with walls there is no reason to extend it beyond the castle

Siege/monk protection walls are now setup 4 layers thick- farms are setup in a perfect double square and 2 monestaries are setup close to the castle between the top left and right corners between the tcs

1 castle on one of the four directions of the tc corners - 3 tcs(4total) on the castle’s corners, 20 initial farms in a perfect square starting at a corner of a tc, make sure to have both mill upgrades before making these farms, spam 40 vills to woodline, while doing that(as soon as enough wood) make two monasteries between the top corners of the top and left and right sides of the tcs, sell enough for two monks, go get relics, make more farms, (up to 48 in a perfect doubled square)
get 115 pop vills, on the way there make another castle close to the largest goldmine and the farms, ensure to start mining, make 4 gates against the farms and monestaries, wall inwards along the edges of the tcs to close off the main castle from outwards attack and to make bunkers for siege, secure a nearby woodline and go to imperial age as quick as possible - Build me an army worthy of Mordor.

as for a build order to get there-

2 houses

6 sheep/boar/dear/food
(Save 4 sheep for the berry pickers and either make farms early or lure deer with the scout to keep them occupied before sending the initial food vills to farms
-this is so the berry pickers won’t need to set up farms until castle age when both farm upgrades are done)

4 wood/1-2 closest stragglers then woodline

4 Berries(10)food +2 houses

4 woodline(8) wood +2 houses +2 pallisades + 1 gate + wall houses

1 berries(11) food

5 stone +2 houses +2 pallisades + wall houses

24 villagers up to Feudal(+scout 25 pop)

Research stone and wood

+4 food(15) (make farms with these)

+6/7 wood(14/15)

34/35 villagers to Castle

For the two encampments - the goal is to close off only the encampments, not surround the resource. Early semiwalls are key to good defense - full walls have their use but are a waste of time in my opinion.

Examples of initial camps:

to note, my current in-game name is [Heals] Teutonic Fortress

Added: 05/15/21
Spanish version of the Healing fortress formation -

29 Pallies, 20 Conqs, and 11 Missionaries - square form, stand ground - provides a quicker version of the healing fortress for faster conversions and mobility
add in groups of palladins/conqs and so on depending on situation

Reminder: please make sure to use the companion thread linked in the first post to comment on the content - feel free to post any tactics here however

adding in my guide from steam:

Suggestion: in my experience, after about 3 games my concentration goes down hill to the point I can barely do anything if it’s not heavily practiced beforehand - slight deviations or major shifts in what the enemy does that I need to react to sways my flow to the point an enemy can break me easily and moreso when I just can’t think of any reactions or I stare off into space - my suggestion is that, for the defensive style at least, consider using it in ranked as your first or second game and try to limit to 3 ranked games, with rests in-between games, in a day(unless you can get a good nap in to reset your mind afterwards) this will generally keep you sharp for each game - your focus is very important when making decisions reacting to the enemy at any point in the game; stay on your toes and remain calm - if you’re not calm, the chance of loss increases significantly - if you’re around 1050 becoming tired can decrease you to the 900’s and further still into the 600-800 range if you lose all concentration - know your self and your limits, keep tabs on your concentration and have fun

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