Battles That Had Abbasid Camel Archers/Warriors?

did the devs mention in one of their streams what event or battle gave them inspiration for these units? does anyone know a battle where the Abbasids utilized camel warriors to counter enemy cavalry or practiced Parthian tactics with camel archers? or utilized any sort of mass mounted archery? maybe a nod to the mamelukes?

there is a tech in game called camel barding, did the Abbasids really put armor on their camels to better fight cavalry?

I have looked for sources on this and cant find any.

gameplay wise I don’t mind the units, I think they are quite fun really but if they had simply renamed them to mameluke lancer/mameluke horse archer it would have made so much more sense. give them a camel support unit for the auras and the civ would be more fleshed out and live to their namesake. the civ page even mentions that they cover the mameluke sultanate after all.

I hope the devs will consider adding in more unique units to launch civs later down the line. maybe there’s still hope for a naffatun grenadier and techs like explosive mangonel shot as a nod to their fiery expertise? I would love to see that.