[BattyMussel] Indian Civs + Persians + Saracens Civ Mod

As a followup to my existing Persian Mod, I wanted to work on a larger scale data mod that changes the new DLC expansion civs (Bengalis, Dravidians and Gurjaras), Hindustanis, Persians and Saracens all in one go due to overlapping aspects of their gameplay that can’t be addressed in a singular civ mod. I don’t expect it to be balanced, but please give it a go. Your feedback would be appreciated. The link is below:

I plan to work on a text mod as well and will link it as soon as it’s done.

Here’s a list of the changes in this mod:


  • New Civ Bonus added: Fish last 30% longer.
  • Added Camel Rider and Hand Cannoneer.
  • Elite Ratha HP increased from 115 to 120.
  • Paiks UT attack speed bonus increased from 20% to 25% and now also grants 100% accuracy to Ranged form Rathas and Elephant Archers. Cost increased from 375W 275G to 400W 300G.


  • Skirmishers and Elephant Archers now attack 33% faster.
  • Added Elite Battle Elephant.


  • (Elite) Elephant Archer replaced with (Heavy) Cavalry Archer.
  • Frontier Guards tech grants 4 melee armour to Light Cavalry and Camel Riders.
  • (Elite) Shrivamsha Rider HP increased from 55/70 to 60/75.
  • Added Ring Archer Armour.
  • Swapped team bonus with Hindustanis. Now Light Cavalry and Camels deal +2 bonus damage to standard buildings.


  • (Heavy) Cavalry Archer replaced with (Elite) Elephant Archer.
  • Removed Imperial Camel.
  • Added (Elite) Battle Elephant and Crop Rotation.
  • Swapped team bonus with Gurjaras. Now train Camels and Elephants 25% faster.



  • Camels HP bonus changed from +10 HP to Camels +25% HP
  • Zealotry changed from Camels +20 HP to Camels +2 attack and move 5% faster.
  • Added Imperial Camel.

Shared Civ Changes:

  • Caravanserai available to Persians, Saracens, Turks, Berbers and Hindustanis.

This will make vinfriss happy I hope.


First of all thanks for the bump. I just updated the mod and was hoping it would get more attention from the community in hopes they would try it out and give feedback.

omg right :joy:, but of course that is not the only goal of the mod.