[BattyMussel] Saracen Civ Mod

Hi guys!

You guys probably know me from my Persian mod. I hope you all like it! If you haven’t checked it out yet please give it a go! So far I feel that I’ve reached a point where I’m happy with that mod’s current state, and now I would like to work on the Saracens, in making them more flavourful as well as stronger in the game (But not OP!). I have already released the mods actually, but it’s not up to date with the current patch. The links to the civ mod and text mod are below:

I would like to rectify that by updating it to the current patch and in the process reach out to you guys regarding what you would like to see.

My plans are to improve their Camels and Monks/Monasteries without buffing/nerfing their SMUSH strategy too much. My ideas are as follows:

  • Giving their Camels and Mamelukes an attack bonus identical to the Lithuanian relic bonus
  • Changing Madrasah to something that doesn’t require getting your monks killed
  • Giving them a 5th civ bonus (My intention is to give all civs I mod 5 civ bonuses and 1 team bonus). Some ideas I have at the moment are making Monks cheaper, Heresy research being free and making Monasteries/Universities being cheaper to build.

Please let me know your thoughts!