BE careful about New updates/changes

They said there will be massive update in next month and I think it will not necessarily including big balance patch.

Pretty sure there will be a lot of balance changes, as it has been a while since they changed anything. I just hope they test stuff properly before releasing the update…

Really good points! I fully agree.

rather than game community worrying me, I am more worried about how adults nowadays are hypocrite snowflakes with double standards and using flag/report system to censor and silence post they dislike.


I appreciate it, @FronsterMog. I was feeling a bit nervous in posting such a post …but I felt that I needed to speak up on potential dangers that a videogame can face, as I have seen it happen before in World of Warships. I still have very bad memories of that videogame’s player base toxicity. :sweat:

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They announced the november update already. It will have a huge list of balance changes. I hope they change good things, not bad things.

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Does anyone know the release date for the update?

They set some date for some battle royale tournament with some great names. That would be the first BR games. I think it was end of november.

If you have properly read my post, you should have seen my sentence where I say, “I do want certain changes of my own to be added into [AoE2]”

What I meant to say in that statement there is that I personally have my own changes and buffs/nerfs that I think should be implemented into AoE2, and that by virtue of that, I respect the changes that other players such as yourself, desire to be implemented into the videogame. I do not mean to say that “change is a bad thing”…only that "bad change can be a bad thing to a game, that can ruin a game and in turn cause division and frustration among players.

I could have emphasized my stance a lot better in my original post…and in that I apologize.

However, @phoenix1089, I do think that it is rude of you to mock my post on what I had to say. I do not mind you disagreeing with me. I am more that happy to hammer out our different viewpoints in reasonable, well-mannered conversation between the two of us. But do not mock me just because you hate what I said.

It’s amusing how arbalests went from why would you build these trash units instead of hand cannons to most complained about op unit while hc super underpowered almost entirely because of de having a better connection/less lag than voobly (combine with until recently cav being meh cause patching)

Exactly this. Without updates, people whine the game is dead. I’m positive that AoE 2 DE will not turn into trash like in that mentioned game World of Warships; if I recall that’s a free to play game. The few toxicity may only occur in “multiplayer” game modes, that’s a given due to the competitive nature.

There are also a lot of single-players here who enjoy the constant updates like the scenarios etc. So I just hope the devs would also focus more on quality content for single-player besides monthly icons and event exclusive mods.


There are many excellent designers and modders around but they need the tools and flexibility that AOE2 original offered. Adding new graphics, terrains, sprites, data mods etc. That’s what needs to be included/added. The single player/modding community are the ones who drove the reinvention of AOE2 over the last decade.


All of you who commented, thank you. You warm my heart and give me confidence in myself being a part of this game community.

To answer to @Soldeo 's post: yes World of Warships is a free to pay game…but it is a game that is so much turned into a pay-to-win game (like the BEST naval ships in the game are locked behind a money paywall, or will take years and I mean years, of your player dedication of grinding to get those ships). Plus, the devs in WoWS always insitute lots of sudden nerf and buff changes (on a monthly level usually) where suddenly a ship that was pretty good just became nerfed into worthlessness. And to top it all off, all these problems the game has been facing has turned the WoWS community into a cesspit of negativity and cruelty.

I witnessed the WORST of human emotions in the WoWS community…some of it lashed out at myself. So I divorced myself from that videogame for good…and then I turned back to my old nostalgic love: Age of Empires 2.

When I discovered that AoE2 had a vibrant forum community, I was eager to discuss AoE2 with other humans (when I was a child, I had no one to discuss AoE2 with, and I did not play online against other players back then), but I was also nervous…the WoWS community taught me to be wary of other gamers.

However, seeing all your well-thought out and reasonable comments on this post of mine and on other AoE posts…I definitely can see that this community is very much well behaved. Still…I felt like speaking a warning to all AoE players and to the AoE game devs about what my experience has shown me about WoWS.

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Moving forward, I hope that I still get to have amazing conversations with all of you about Age of Empires.

And as for changes/nerfs/buffs, new content, etc…I am willing to accept any changes that the devs make as long as they are too drastic changes, are reasonable, and if the new content is engaging (I particularly love the Challenge Scenarios like Subutai’s Campaign and Barbarossa Brawl, and the Oktoberfest Celebrations and other seasonal changes are awesome!)

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The only funny thing in the forum is the “civil war” between those who wants new civilizations and those who prefer not to add more. Just relax since I and many others believe that AoE devs do their best to bring the best RTS experience ever to more people.

My stance is: I do not think we need new civs, but I would be okay with the adding of new civs IF said new civs would match well in the “medieval era setting” of AoE2.

I have even made a post proposing a new civ called the “Frisians” (aka medieval Dutch peoples) as a possible new civ. Adding new Civs? ---> Discuss!

35 civs is already a lot for a game that originally had only 13 civs…but adding just a few more would be fine by me, just as long as they work out well.

I spent a lot of time actively playing WoWS prior to leaving it…and it was hard for me to leave. But that game just got way too toxic.

My main point in my post was to just warn this AoE player base and AoE devs of making decisions that could lead to a toxic community such as WoWS.

I honestly do not know EXACTLY how WoWS got into the poor state in the way it is now. Truth be told, there are still players who play that game and still love it. But…I was not the only former WoWS player to leave WoWS. There were others who left for many of the same reasons as I.

I have tried to make it clear in my post and in my comments that I do not oppose change to a videogame. I only oppose poor changes administered to a videogame.

WoWS used to be a great videogame…but then it took a bad turn. I can go into more details if you like, but that would be out of the scope of Age of Empires forums. So PM me if you want me to go into more WoWS details.

Well, the fitting civs for the one is the unfitting civs for the other. I’ve seen people who do not want Huns and Goths in the game, others Native American civs per se, African civs, South East Asian civs etc.

I personally would love, if they decided to add civs, that we’ll have a break from Eurasia in terms of civs, especially Europe, less Asia. The world map is still really empty in some world regions and quite some awkward civs were chosen for the Portuguese campaign too.

I agree that the extent and pace of bug-fixing has been underwhelming, and the game is poorly optmized in comparison to the original. I assume the dev team is too small for the task.

Malians, Ethiopians and Portuguese were logical civs to add. Personally, I love how the Forgotten Empires team really thought hard and came up with Medieval African kingdoms. That was neat.

Berbers are fine too…though the Saracens civ is pretty much adequate, I think, to “represent” the Arabic-Berber peoples of North Africa. But hey…the Berbers are okay.

Honestly, the most difficult civ to add would be any North American peoples, because they did not have much in terms of large structures.