Beat the hardest AI on my first try

Well, I just finished installing the game, played the intro tutorial, set up my hotkeys, and before doing anything else, decided to just jump right into a 1v1 vs AI on the hardest difficulty… I basically curb stomped it, getting 3x its total score, and was ahead by every metric the entire game.

Honestly, I was expecting to lose. I’m not a very good player. Maybe 1100 Elo in AoE2. I just did a feudal-age English infantry rush and felt no pressure whatsoever, and no difficulty denying his gold and killing his town.

I hope they introduce better AI in the future, because one of my favorite things in AoE games is co-op verses AI with my friends. But this was just too easy…

Besides that, the game felt pretty nice though.

Please remove units from their old control group when assigning them to a new control group. Or provide a setting for this. It’s so annoying not being able to split up my army easily.

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I agree we need harder AI. They did say they were going to add one that learned from players and got better, no idea when though. I think they also need to improve the existing AI though.

An AI that learns from players would be awesome. If that’s really happening, it would make headlines.