Beating late game HRE as Mongols

Any tips? It’s the civ I maybe have the most trouble beating once they reach imp. Just had a game against HRE. I harassed him early on but then he walled up and we both reached imp. I went to seige him from the back with archers, men at arms, hand cannoneers, a bombard and some trebs. Everything fully upgraded. He came out with his army then I kept losing from there as he slowly ate his way in to my base. Everything I threw at him he destroyed. He used some landsknecht but mostly elite men at arms, bombards and archers. He was trading in his base and had one holy site but I don’t think lack of gold was my issue as I still had more than I could spend. I had like 5 archery ranges, 5 barracks, 3 seige workshops, 5 stables and was pop capped constantly until he started killing my vilagers.

Maybe I should have tried lots of springalds? I was looking at HRE tech tree and despite nobody playing them in Genesis they are very effective when they reach imp. They have some crazy defensive and infantry bonuses.

Generally speaking, archers are a waste unless you are taking out low armour targets.

The HRE is mostly incentivised to work with a heavy infantry army (though they still have base-level knights).

Do note that the HRE techs actually make their Man at arms trade really well with high armour units like knights or your man at arms.

I’d advise you use a mixture of Mangonels and some springalds incase he tries to field culverins.
Then have the bulk of your army as crossbowmen/mAA (your man-at-arms will still lose head-on but we are using them as a meatshield for the crossbowmen+mangonels)

Springalds are actually pretty bad VS mass infantry (because they’re single-target), they’re mostly good against knights and other siege.

I feel people default to archers way too often and TBH they aren’t that great post-feudal age considering how much armour comes into the game.

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Thanks! Great advice.

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I just lost to them again. This time the guy gave me a lot of advice. The game went on for like 45 minutes! Relics help HRE a lot so I should try to take relics when I play them. I always do dark age rush normally as Mongols and if you fail to take them down it bites you with HRE especially. I made tonnes of crossbowmen and they did do ok against the men at arms. Got maybe one mangonel shot off. I didn’t make MAA of my own though to act as meatshield so I should try all of these things.

Dont let HRE get into imp. They can ■■■■ out culverins and handcannon the best. As mongols you spam springald at Castle with ovoo tech. Guard with MAA or Xbows. Make a few mangonels as well. He’ll have a hard time since you’ll be able to make siege with your infantry while your springald and mangonel is the best in game unless its English with network bonus.

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