Beautiful Craig Mullins Art

Some of the recent art posted for the game took my breath away, I have been looking all over for high resolution versions of some of the illustrations that Craig Mullins created but I can’t find all of them anywhere.

If anyone has them, or if any devs are seeing this, is there any way we could get them on the website? It would be a shame not to show them off in the full glory. I know he created them in very high resolution as he explains on his interview.


I’m working on a solution to get everything in one place! If there’s anything specific you’re looking for then feel free to request it + the dimensions you need and I can send it to you directly for now.


Oh thank you so much! Nothing specific I just want to see them all, 4k or more would be amazing if that’s possible! If you can share any process sketches I absolutely love seeing that kind of stuff if they are able to be shared. He posted a bit on twitter but none of the other ones are on his website yet, it only gets updated every few years.

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