Beautiful game, with some problems to solve

Age of Empires DE Windows 10/Xbox
I just bought the game. I find it very pleasant, cared for and with the addition of interesting news.
But there are serious problems that need to be solved:

  • You cannot open the game without an internet connection.
    Did I download 17 Gb of game, without being able to make a party offline? This is a very serious mistake which has disappointed me deeply.
  • As a single player, you can’t see the tech tree. Every time I have to save the game, go out, go see the tech tree and load the game again. That sounds very ridiculous and stupid to me.

less serious problems:

  • you can’t use classic mode in multiplayer.
  • AI is scarce, it can’t even cross the sea. I expected improvements in this respect, but it has been unchanged since 1998.
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This is very annoying and one of biggest mistakes.

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The AI is stronger than in the original game.

As for playing without an internet connection, why is that not allowed? I thought you were able to designate one of your computers for offline gaming.

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Stronger than the original?
In the original game, the troops didn’t go overboard. In this edition they still do not go to sea.
Without a connection, he does NOT play. I’ve tried it now too, telling you to sign in to Xbox Live, otherwise you can’t do ABSOLUTELY anything.

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is more easy. Many scenarios I can beat AI in maximum at first try in DE edition.