Before anything, for the future of this game fix Team Games

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Why do you even bother replying him, this game has got remastered 2 times already and a fan base mod (FE), because and thinking into the multiplayer, pretending this game has survived 21 years because of SP its beyond naive.

According to steam data the player base doesn’t really play the campaigns, it is still below 6% of all the total players, the so called SP users actually play with their friends vs bots or custom scenarios, playing alone is okay if you are 5 years old, but no one plays alone vs bots for several years, there is no fun or challenge, exclusive SP users are short term players.

That guy must be thinking that red bull 5 is about who finish william wallace campaign faster or who can beat 3 bots on extreme :clown_face:


This time last year teamgames were still in a really bad situation. All the problems that are present now, were noticeable back then, just that it escalated even more now due to passing of time.

Seems Multiplayer fixes are very down on the to do list, no priority.
Important is to fix bugs that affect the game in general.

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I think they need to hit the reset button on team game rating in general. Every game in solo queue feels like a throw of the dice. Some people not even know how to macro, and premade teams go around stomping. There is also the averaging issue. It feels so bad to lose 17 to 20 points despite the massive disparities!

Old elo causing inflation, new elo isnt. But we are still dealing with the mess of old elo. And the new elo isnt perfect either and the reason for many smurf account.

This is because of the low number of players compared to higher elo. All due to the inflation of the old system.

This is also the same story. The old system was terrible in guessing your skill. The new system isnt really an improvement either. And then you have the mess of the old system into the new system.

These three points could be fixed by updating the elo rating + resetting the ratings afterwards. There are already some good solution posted in the following thread in how to update the calculation to something that makes sense and which limits smurfing in this thread:

I will suggest you to look into that thread.

Untill they fix these issue, TGs will be unblaanced and all the other issues you mentioned.

Awarding a toxic player by giving him weaker players which he could bash doesnt seem right to me. Lowering the elo means that he will get more easy opponents. The best way to deal with Alt F4 is by adding time penalties. So after a early dodge he wont be able to play the game for a while, like 15 minutes or something like that. This way will be a punishment for the dodger, not a reward.

Great joke! I have had a great laugh about it. This game survived because of a multiplayer community. Otherwise this game was already dead. I would claim that HD and DE would never exist if there was no multiplayer community. If it was only single player, then this game was already dead for years and microsoft never ordered HD and DE.

I wont claim that there wasnt a single player community in all the years. There probably was. But they dont really generate the popularity of the game.

Like i started this post: This is all due to the old calculation and the new calculation both being bad and having their own issues and the mess of both are combined in one rating. Just resetting wont really solve the mess. The current calculation is still exploitable by smurfing, which makes it again a mess. The solution isnt just resetting the ladder. The solution is fixing the elo calculation to something useful and then resetting the ladder.


+1 I can’t even play multiplayer right now, even if I wanted to. It takes several restarts of the game to actually play a single game

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Wrong assessment HD came to be because m$ noticed how much traction a mod pack got and decided to make money off of it by hiring the modders.HD is literally a mod pack people paid money to play.

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lol funny no. w/o multiplayer this game will loose half players or more

It is difficult to design a system to meet the needs of such a diverse group of people. Microsoft’s goal should be to maximize the player base, and thus eliminate as many conflicts as possible between the different player types.

  1. Eliminate Steam family sharing. Having to pay for each account will reduce smurfing.
  2. Eliminate map bans and pool voting. Just let players pick which maps they are willing to play. Add ‘Random’ map to the pool where any map can be chosen, so that a purist still has a chance to play arena but not against an arena clown that only chooses Arena (and not ‘Random’).
  3. Add a handicapping system where ELO delta can be compensated for with increased resources (bonus resources to gathered for lower ELOs) so that stronger players can play with weaker players and both have likely opportunities for victory. Check the handicap box if you want to play with different-ELO friends or be matched against significantly lower ELOs, just like in golf.
  4. The above meets most of the needs of honest players. Now track improper exits (crash, alt-F4, disconnects, quick resigns) to identify players that may not be suitable for online play. When the ratio of improper exits vs completed games is unfavorable, notify the player and impose a series of escalating time-period bans on online play.

Again, no system is going to be perfect given that different people play for different reasons. But these changes would significantly reduce the frustration level for most people.

Yes, I’ve been a strong supporter of your ideas from your old thread. And I support this as well.

About the reset, I know people are mostly against it because they don’t want to lose their fake internet points, or because they don’t want to go through the ordeal of playing against top players again. Like when DE was launched. But I think that’s something secondary.
Instead they can implement “seasons” (reset system) like in other games, and annually give active people cosmetic stuff like icons or official unit skins as compensation. Then again, that’s something secondary. The priority should be fixing team games, even if that means resetting.


The reset is a must and to avoid months of chaos and more active noob bashing, the simple fix is to port the 1x1 ranks into the tg ladder after the reset, there aren’t more accurate ranks than the 1x1 ladder, so the players will start where they belong, rather than 0.

There will be players on a small disadvantage ofc, those with 0 games on the 1x1 ladder but those are a minority, any fix has to aim for the largest size of the player base, once you remove inflation from the equation going back to normal rank levels shouldn’t be that hard, specially cause we only have 200 players above 2100, so the average tg rank should be close to 1500 rather than 2600.

A second action could be introducing a limiter to prevent inflation despite stackers, the 1x1 ladder has an artificial roof, above 2200 levels they trade less points per winning or lose, hera at 2600 was only getting 4 points per win vs a 2400 players, such rank cap should have been implemented into the tg ladder instead of the 1x1, if you ever wondered why the 1x1 ranks haven’t increased its because of that artificial limiter.


Simple, cheap, effective. I love this idea

I support this.
They just need to implement a better calculation (against inflation), team limiter (against smurfs) and this kind of reset.

I totally agree with a team limiter… Too many times in team I’ve faced a team where 1 player is supposed to be 1200 and the other one 2600 or higher… They’re actually both higher ELO and it is just not fun to play against. I play ranked team games to see what actual level I can compete with, not to be crushed by these folks. A maximum difference between team members would be a good solution here.

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Lol at the guy going on about this game being dead without the single player fanbase compared to multiplayer. Why do you think Microsoft invested money into tournament prize pools? Wheres the famous twitch streamers that stream exclusively single player and no multiplayer?

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The reset is a must. In fact, I would go as far as monthly rank reset. The decay of ranking is pointless.

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If you reset all the way, then people are going to have to deal with others nowhere near their level.

I think if team game only players understood that playing more 1v1 games would lead to fairer team games then they’d be happy to play 1v1

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