Before the next DLC

Before the Devs release the next DLC for this game…please fix the performance issues, game breaking bugs and complete some of the QoL in the current game.

The next DLC I’m assuming is one of the final big DLC release, please ensure the game is right else you will just see the same spike of players trying DE then leaving shortly after.

Memory leaks causing unstable game, crashes, units getting stuck in tp sockets, matchmaking for team is just not working, matchmaking in 1v1 for certain elo is not working (top 10 player should.never never match with a player of 1k elo), ability to see if friends are online, obs not working properly…

U guys should be putting priority on these before releasing the next DLC else ur gonna see the same drop of players.

Please make sure to do the right thing before releasIng the next DLC

Because at the moment DE version of the game has a sad reputation which is 100% justified


I think the devs will do it, makes perfect sense from a marketing point of view, when the dlc releases people playing he game will spike, but once the hype dives down and people start getting fed up with the bugs, they will leave again, but if there aren’t bugs the spike of players won’t dive down by as much

Its a pity. Just looking back at the launch of the game and the state it was in was quite a bit of an eye opener. Even a simple thing like the notification that you won or lost the game after a match covering the whole map and no way to hide it…shows to me these devs had no clue about the game.

I don’t even think any of the Devs played a single game of the original and sort of started learning the game as they kind of stumbled remastering it.

Just wish the game were developed by a group that really cared about the game .

U would have thought remastering the game, the starting base was looking at the old eso features and improving on it…but in general it was and still a downgrade from the original.


I’ll agree with you that the launch was a complete disaster and that the only change they made between the last beta and release was a balance adjustment for Grenadiers. That’s it. (At least from what I observed), the AI and campaigns were barely working but those issues were fixed soon after (and still being improved post-release).

Whilst I also agree that optimisation should be a priority, I can say at least from my perspective that post-launch, any optimisation issues have now largely gone. Let’s also not forget that this product has had more patches than the original release - at least in such a short timespan - so it’s not like they’ve done the obligatory one or two patches and then dropped the game, indeed I am excited that we’re getting DLC and further improvements for this title. This game is unfairly judged, sadly.


Yes but the original release didnt have as many game breaking bugs (because they probably had some test team at that point, which i truely doubt they have now)

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Do u really blame the criticism? It was done with which felt like 0 care.

Also yes there has been improvements, but the dozen or so patches but a lot of that was to fix new issues that they created from there patch releases.

Also they tend to do half finish jobs…for example when they finally enabled u to whisper your friends in the game…they didn’t make it so u can see them online which wouldn’t have been very hard to do.

I didn’t blame any criticism at all. In fact, I just agreed with you and listed some issues which were fixed and/or are still being improved upon. As long as post-release updates continue to be a thing, I am confident we’ll see this game be improved further.

Let me rephrase what I mean by “judged unfairly”. I meant that AoE3 in general is treated like the black sheep of the series because it deviated from the likes of early titles. For instance, AoE2 is the title that is loved by many and whilst I do enjoy it, it was AoE3 that I played more of (though I got into AoE2 quite late). But each to their own, I suppose.

I cannot comment on the likes such as multiplayer features since I rarely touch MP but I believe you. Same with what is considered “game-breaking bugs”, I personally don’t know of any nor have I encountered any but I’m sure those are still around too. Is this more clearer, perhaps?