Being "Desynced" exclusively from games I'm winning. Are you too?

I have played 300 games this ranked season. the entire time I’ve been plagued with this strange system failure where the entire computer freezes as I’m about to win for the first 200 games i thought it was a driver/system issue i have removed that from the realm of possibility by experiencing the failure on multiple system configurations (teams red/green and red/blue and each combination), various ISP’s/ internet access points, clean windows installs, everything! I’ve opened a ticket with customer support followed their instructions to the letter and still it persists, exclusively when i am winning in ranked 1v1. all of my computers preform flawlessly and i have literally NEVER not ONCE desynced/crashed while losing a game or in another program. around game 200 once i started reporting crash logs to customer support i began to really notice the trend as i was reviewing the games in question more consistently instead of just considering it a technical error and moving on to the next one. of the last 100 games I’ve been desynced 19 TIMES. some of them so “COINCEDENTAL” as I’m torching their last landmark while they have no military and the game is ruled a loss in their favor. I have recordings of each of these games I’m referencing from each players perspective by screen capturing the replays and have taken to reviewing the match history of my opponents in these games. of my opponents whose match history was public i have not failed to find multiple examples of them being saved by the proverbial bell when their opponents desync just as they’re about to win… still they are awarded the ELO. have you ever had your opponent randomly desync right as they’re about to win? because i can honestly say i haven’t.

i have seen others complain of the same/similar things. This post is not meant for you to accuse anyone of drop/map hacking this is a thread to document the prolific amount of “desyncs”/“crashes” occurring so that the devs might implement a way to recoup ELO from games that should obviously result, at the very least, a “no contest”.

19 games out of 100 think about that… really think about it how much elo that is. if you’ve been or do experience a crash/desync as you’re winning the game please just begin documenting the real world match times as well as the in game time of the failure, as simple as taking a picture of your display with you’re phone. so that i might compile a larger sample size than just my own games if even one person shows that they’ve experienced the same/similar i will post all 19 games accompanied by the corroborating evidence each players match history where available as well as every following occurrence in hopes that once the devs are aware of what’s happening on the ladder they can find a way to stop people from rising or falling on the ladder based off these “random desyncs”

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No i am not. Mine is specific to one map, oddly.


weird i hadn’t considered that as a possibility but come to think of it when the maps rotated it stopped i wonder if that was it