Being penalised for leaving a game after someone has already dropped

A player on my team quits the match instantly as it starts. So I resign a few seconds after. Now I have to wait to play :frowning: pls fix this

If it is fixed, it has the possibility of being abused.
Try communicating with the opposing team, to consider one of their players to either resign to make the team even, or, perhaps, for one of their players to simply stay out of conflict and to resign if the other players on their team are defeated.
Or release your inner masochist, and fight.

Even if it happens that all of your players leave, it may be still able to be winnable via communication with the enemy - ask them to choose one champion to fight you, and whoever is the victor wins, while the ones on the losing side, if there are any left, will resign willingly.

I have never seen anyone convince someone on the opposing team to leave a game in ranked games. That may be possible in lobby games, but will (almost) never work in ranked games.

My opinion is that if someone leaves in the first 5 minutes of a game (same time limit as the current penalty logic, so like 3 minutes in real life) then the game shouldn’t affect ELO calculations or be recorded as a win/loss, and so players would be free to leave the game without getting a penalty (except for the initial leaver). That way those who want to play on can, while those who don’t want to play a rigged game can move on.

Just delete all of yours and solved

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The only legitimate solution for this and all the various other issues plaguing TG Ranked is to introduced Ranked Lobbies. Once that is done, disable family sharing in ranked and take reports of early quitting seriously and permanently ban players after 3/5 strikes.

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wait 5 min 20 chatacter