Bell sounds don't suit Mosques

The Bell sounds for clicking/constructing the mosque dont suit the mosque since there aren’t any bells in them. I suggest that it should be changed into humming or murmuring sounds similar to supplications done in mosques.


Yeah, I agree. Not too sure about what would be an appropriate sound effect to replace it, but the sound of bells definitely doesn’t fit.

Continuing the discussion from Music and sound:

When selecting the mosque, the sound is that of a church and not of a mosque (ie that of a muezzin).
Also when we are in a Muslim metropolis (Ottomans, Barbary States, Egypt, Indonesia), we can hear the bells of a church (as for Christian metropolises). It breaks the immersion in my opinion. It would be more appropriate to hear the song of the muezzin in this case too.
Devs: could you correct this please?

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Why not doing the opposite? A brief chanting sound could easily suit both.

Have you ever heard the song of a muezzin and a Christian song? It’s totally different. So I think your suggestion is not adequate.

No, my idea was slightly different: I was referring to something more similar to monastery selection sound in AOEII, which is more neutral.

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