Bengalis are terrible


Even in 1v1 ? Would they then have enough army to fight ? 140 villagers sound like something to do when going full elephants.

Oops, indeed.


130 villagers is very common nowadays for Paladin civs like Franks, Teutons and Lithuanians. (Burgandians is okay with 120 thanks to their insane eco). Bengalis if goes for Ratha, still needs at least 130 as they are the most expensive unit to upgrade. Even 140 might be needed. For elephants, BE is better to be forgotten. And EA can be sustained by 130 but a bit overboom to maximize the effect of UT won’t hurt.

140 villagers + 74 army sounds decent enough. Especially when 40-50 of them are either Ratha or EA.

Well, the new PUP is out and still no changes. No changes to EA whatsoever. Tbf, they are alright in late imperial, in team games with a lot of gold to go around. But they do need something in castle age to make them viable.

The problem with Bengalis is that all their units can be easily countered and there is no counter-counter. In the late game, you can beat them with only FU halbs and skirms. (excluding siege, but bengalis don’t have great siege anyway). All 3 of their main power units (EBE, EEA, Ratha) are vulnerable to halbs. Two of those are also vulnerable to skirms. I’d go as far as to call this bad game design. I don’t think there is another civ which has such a vulnerability.

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But battle elephants cheaper! Wooohoooo!

And theocracy buffed, which is good for monk civs

Yes, bengalis totally viable now /s


I think giving them Supplies tech should solve them.

Not really since they lack last armor upgrade

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TBH, I feel that Dravidians need more love than Bengalis at this moment


I think the Armored elephant nerf needs to be compensated by buffing some other area. And same for Dravidians who needs a buff regardless of the latest nerf.


After 6 months I think Bengalis still need to be checked, Dravidians post is now overshadowing this guys that are also too weak in open maps, but on closed they have an absurd deathball that needs a nerf.

Best way is just give them Knights to solve their problems vs skirmishers, knights won’t distract their focus on elephants and rathas because Bengalis will need yes or yess to go into that in Imperial, also that +2 attack vs skirms means they don’t need forging+iron casting to kill skirms in castle age.

As for closed maps, stagger the monk armor bonus to +2/+2 in castle age and +4/+4 in Imperial Age, so is weaker in castle age (where they need a nerf) and stronger in Imperial (where it feels underwhelming), Paiks no longer affects the Elephant Archer (nerfs their stupid deathball in late game where those elephants just don’t die) but the effect is buffed to 25% faster attacks (so it motivates players to use battle elephants and rathas more often in 1v1, and also put more enfasis on the Ratha as their main fast attack ranged unit), Mahayana should cost 500w becasue 800w is too much and also should include trade units. team bonus can be doubled.

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What’s next? Sicilians are terrible?

Okay, when someone necro a thread, usually you’re the 1st one to complain. Now you’re the doing the same. Couldn’t you make a new thread?

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Bengalis has a secret power. I saw a 1v1 game on a stream; Bengalis won completely with EA + mangonel + monk rush in castle age arabia. That was great such as Aztecs eagle + mangonel + monk.