Bengalis buff suggestions

Thats the point. Lacking the most meta units

I am a bengali and i can say that our farming and fishing had been the backbone of our economy throughout history. An insane farm bonus which could make elephants viable will be accurate historically

That was the case with khmer civ. Although now they use their farm bonus for husssar spam

What farming bonus would you pick? All relevant ones are already picked. Snd the inld inca teambonus is not enough

It’s okay though, because the Elephant Scout has 18 LOS and is basically a mobile Imp Outpost. It also works as a dropsite for all resources, and has a trample mechanic that allows it to squish enemy units and resources. And in Imperial Age it’s automatically upgraded to Elephant Scout That Has a Bombard Tower On Its Back.


A special elephant unit that is fast. Elephants are surprisingly fast in real life. Could be a charge mechanic. And 20% faster food from farms and fishing.

My point was that Rathas are immediately countered by Elite Skirmishers, and they’ll be outmassed by them too. You said that this would mean other CA-type UUs would be similarly useless, but the units do not exist in a vacuum. Rathas are useless because they are countered by Skirmishers and there’s nothing (outside of siege, which also gets countered by knights) you can do about it.

Weakness of Ratha is partly due to the weakness of the Bengalis. In your example - okay great, the Franks is doing Skirms. Now what? It’s not like Franks has a reason to also stop doing Knights, their Knights will still beat the Ratha and there’s Skirms behind it to shut them down completely / defend from Rathas trying to harass the eco.

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This one alone is insanely overpowered, remember this:

  • Slavs pre DE had 15% faster working farmers, that made Slavs OP, their knight rush was insane, Slavs at the time had worse things (free tracking, Boyar with worse armor and TT) just because how OP was this bonus, even then they had like 59% WR for 2k ELO.

  • When Hindustani were Indians, had 15% faster working fishermen that also carried +15 food, that was useless on most maps, but broken for any map with tons of shore fish, especially in conjunction with the other eco bonus (cheaper villagers per age).

If you give a palin and simple better ver of that bonuses to bengali, in conjunction with free villagers per age, then you get a civ from too weak on most maps to completely broken on most maps (both 1v1 and TG, especially with elephants that take less bonus damage, resist conversion, and attack faster).


Thats better than slavs farming bonus…

But i am bot sure is there are civs with fishtraps bonuses… Maybe their fishtraps could have more food or faster fishing? That would make them better in water maps where their only advantage is the regeration in ships.

However, i think that their imperial UT should affect fisher ships as well. That would fit your history and buff them in hybrid maps.

Malay and Mayans already have more food on fish traps, and Japanese already collect food from fish traps faster.

Forgot abouy malay, my bad. Japanese fish fater 8n general, not specifically in traps. Faster fishing in traps should be noticeable after mid castle once the other fish is no more

But i think now that what bengalis need is yheir imperial UT affecting fisher ships . That would be historical and would fit their identity.

Ya that probably is a bit high, 5:1 probably would be better. It amounts to something like +150 food by the time u hit feudal and depending on how long u plan to stay in feudal, somewhere between 300-400 extra food as u hit castle age.

ya that’s probably a nice balance as well.

The fundamental difference being there’s no easy follow up military. Options for the civ are elephants, elephant archers, rathas which are all very hard to get to and with the lack of sufficient eco, will get easily countered by skirms, monks and other generic units in greater numbers. So my point being it would be another case of weak tech tree but strong eco.

I think what he means to say is, unlike the other uu ca civs, Bengalis can’t switch to knight line when up against a big bunch of skirmishers. So that makes them much less viable as a 1v1 unit.

There you have it

While the bonus is too strong and is just a clone of an existing one, the big difference is the lack of knights(and later hussars) So functionally the bonus is weaker than it seems

Because they were combining two of the strongest bonuses in the game on that map.

Bengalis 2 Vils isnt as strong as Hindu vil discount

Old Indians primarily did so well because of that vil discount (even in Arabia they’ve always had a good WR) that’s why it was so irrational they didn’t receive a complimentary nerf when they were buffed with better camels, more usable UU and better imperial age.

Imagine giving Vikings the Celts wood bonus as well. It suddenly becomes beyond OP. But give that same bonus to bengalis? It’s strong, but not the same as double stacking on Vikings

The only reason people aren’t crying even more about Hindus, is because gurj exists. Gurj are literally keeping Hindus WR down, and simultaneously distracting people fr how OP Hindus are

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This will make their boom (which is already good) broken. You shouldn’t buff a civ at their strength points but at their weak points. At the same time if they got thumbring then their Paikes need a rework because thumbring will buff their UU and elephants archers at the same time.

Make Ele Archers cost wood instead of food. So a transision from xbows to them feels smoother. Also chopping wood needs slightly less man power then farming Take Arbalests from them and give them hussars instead.

Food trash meele with a wood/gold ranged unit in the back.

The Ratha sucks, Thumb Ring wouldn’t hurt them. I also said Paiks wouldn’t affect Elephant Archers then. 2+6 vills is not even better than the Viking free Wheelbarrow and Hand Cart also it forces you to make extra TC-s.

I’m positive that they will have positive win rate but not insane at all.