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This mod does the following changes →

  • Renames Bengalis to Magadhans. Magadhans is an umbrella term that encompasses more of East India including Odisha and Assam. It fits well with the other terms, Gurjaras, Dravidians, Hindustanis which are also umbrella terms for West, South and North India.

  • The mod also reskins the Bengali Castle to a slightly greyer stony version with large stones rather than redstones. This makes it blend better with the rest of Indian Castles and Indian Architecture. And also removes the pointy edge over some of the tower walls to make it look more East Indian.

  • It also gives a new graphics by replacing the Rathas with Khandaits. Rathas belonged to the Ancient Age/Indian Mythologies, didn’t see any use in Medieval Period and therefore very Anachronistic. Khandaits are a landed militia group from East India.

  • The mod also replaces few of the insignificantish ruler names to more significant Odia and Ahom Kings.

  • This also changes the logo of the civ to the wheel of dharma which is quite commonly used accross East India.

This mod is a simple reskin and rephrase mod and doesn’t affect balance in any manner and thus works with all future updates of the game. It is multiplayer compatible for crossplay.