Bengalis vs Goths on Michi?

For Michi, Bengalis is one of my favorite civs in this map. However, if one day I have to face Goths in said map, how much will my elephant units suffer to a flood of arrow-resistant Huskarls and Halbs? I like backing my push with forward military buildings.

Your elephants will suffer from the flood of halbardiers, not huskarls. In fact, elephants are a good counter to huskarls. Also you phrased this as if Goths have battle elephants.

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Typo, I fixed it. I meant… halbs

Oh. Yeah. You are f****d. I guess the proper response to fully teched Goths in imperial are massed scorpions, which work fine against infantry.

Champions with ele archers on the back. If you are playing a team game, get others to take care of it for you. If you are playing michi 1v1 against goths (idk why anybody would do this), make 20 barracks and spam your own champions and halbs. Keep like 30-40 ele archers in the back.

Huskarls? Your champions will handle those. Your own champions/halbs with ele archer support will handle goth champions and halbs.

What he said.

20 characters.

Bengali champions are missing the last armour upgrade and Goths can make hand cannoneers to counter them, then you are screwed. Play to the strengths of your civ. Your army composition should be Ratha + Armoured elephants to take out his barracks and level his base + trash

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If you’re in a 1v1 situation, I would do Rathas. In a teamgame, I would do Ele Archers and your teammate ideally has something to counter Huskarl.

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Or use scorpions as I adviced. Naturally Huskarls will resist most the damage of the scorpion, but it’s something.

Scorpions fall over hard to bombard cannons, which Goths get. Yes, you have Redemption monks, but you can snipe Scorpions far easier than Monks converting the bombard cannons.

I also disagree with going Infantry against Goths, as they also get Hand Cannoneers.

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That entire combo dies hard to halb+huskarl spam. Not to mention that rathas are hard to replenish unless you have 4-5 castles.

Actually Rathas+Ele rams die hard to huskarls alone. This is one of the worst combos you can ever use. Huskarls have massive amounts of bonus damage against rathas because rathas are cav archers.

Goths being forced to make HCs is a good thing for you. You know what counters HCs? Ele archers. That’s why you keep ele archers with halbs and champions.

This is such a bizzare argument. Do you also disagree using cavalry against any civ with halbs? Or using archers against any civ with elite skirms? Afterall, they have counter units, right?

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The problem is, it’s far more cost effective for Goths, and you do not get Hand Cannoneers. The point about not going Infantry vs Goths is that it’ll still benefit Goths, unless you’re a civ with bonuses for Infantry yourself and Bengalis aren’t. If you do end up going Infantry to counter Goths’ infantry, you’ll be locked into that option while they can very easily add Hand Cannoneers behind, and you’ll have to find a way to deal with that. Elephant Archers are a very expensive option now, whereas Hand Cannoneers aren’t.

In a 1vf situation, it’s probably more affordable for you to just do Rathas, than Infantry + Ele Archers. While yes, Rathas take bonus damage from Huskarls (and so do Ele Archers, albeit less), they’re also more mobile. The Goths player can just raid you to death. With Rathas, you can potentially also have a raiding option for yourself, whereas Infantry + Ele Archers is more of a deathball.

That’s why I said in a teamgame situation, I would rather do Ele Archers.

That’s why, again, you have ele archers for support. All bengali infantry will trade evenly with goth infantry under the best case scenario. Champions will beat both huskarls and halbs. That means, goths are forced to make champions, which the ele archers counter.

45 vs 70 gold. Ele archers have way more survivability, means things are more or less even.

This is michi. Mobility is useless. You almost always wall everything and have like 15 military buildings of each type. You usually also have 3-4 castles covering everything.

This is a pure closed map. Only death ball comps will work. Mobility comps will do nothing.

Are you making yet another very easy campaign where player is Bengalis and AI is Goths?