Berbers (Amazighs) were half made?

It’s weird that having an unique musical theme, 4 UU plus the Tribal Horsemen, Unique skins for heroes in the scenario editor, plus new units as a minor civ and a unique explorer on camel, similar to Hausa and Ethiopians, Berbers weren’t to be a full civ. They have also unique trainable villagers on the minor settlement.


Probably budget constraints.


Very likely cut due to budget or release dates. Compare it to US, with several new units and a historical battle in the first release of DE, but is not included in the very beginning.
Perhaps there is room to make it playable in the future.


as others say it is likely due to time and budget restraints, another faction could have pushed the release back 1 or 2 months.

as for future DLC i find that somewhat unlikely, id expect more DLC to be: Persia, Sothern Africa and Europe, maybe if we somehow get more after that well see them but i doubt it.


I think one of the devs said that the US wasn’t planned as a full civ when they made the DE since they had reworked the revolutions, it was probably more of an afterthought.

As for African civs i would’ve picked Berbers over Hausa but i think the latter looks cool so i won’t really complain about it. A south african civ would be neat as well, i would like to see Zulu, Kongo or Mutapa.


I hope we see a Mediterranean DLC with Italy and Barbary States and Maltese natives :hope: :slight_smile:

This is a quote from a dev, who was once a modder for the WOL mod.

“We could have gone with 3 civs, but then either 2 of them would need to share the same buildingset or all 3 would have the same buildingset, but that would deviate on how AoE3 cultures work”.

For people wondering why we didn’t have a third civ, this explains a lot. But it’s off course a shame we didn’t get a 3rd civ like the legacy expansions (TWC and TAD).

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Their minor tribe seems very flashed out too, i was quite surprised.

Here is hoping we get them as a free (unlockable) challange civ just like the US was.


You can get more content in the long run for AoE3 if you show support by paying for the civs. If they don’t make money from these expansions, AoE3 will die.


He was talking about the African dlc?

Sadly AoE III doesn’t have the selling numbers of, let’s say Total War Warhammer, and free things are probably the exception rather than the norm. The DLC have to be profitable, and devs have to be paid to continue to have support, like @DiplexBoss6

Yes it was about the African DLC.

Hense why I would rather see a DotD + AR purchace pack instead of a AoE4 + DotD purchase pack.

I understand budget constraints but I am disappointed nonetheless. Last month I spent a full hour reading about the Moroccans on wikipedia in preparation for the DLC.


I would bet for time constraints too.

It is not a shame. It is better for them to play safe and intend for something that the player base will accept naturally… the newer mechanics and understand how it works than presenting anything that people will in the future mock as ‘‘half-assed content’’.

There’s a good chance they could be released just like the USA civ at some point down the line.


Morocco, sooner or later must be added to the game.


We already have Ethiopians and Berbers in AoE2 so maybe that’s the reason they went with Hausa instead, in order to launch a new civ that hasn’t been in the previous games.

With that said i think it would’ve been nice with a third civ just to round up the number of civs to 20 and Berbers would be the obvious third choice.

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I feel, they were part of the plan but they didn’t get to complete it in time or something. I had a video covering all this stuff but anyways we got them as a native settlement (not really happy about it but no other choice).

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