Berbers naval buff

Fishing ships move 10% faster; warships move 20% faster

It’s weird that berbers are a naval civ since their bonus is so mild. Maybe this would help them become a more relevant water civ. I’m guessing it would be too strong if their fishing ships got an increase in movement speed.

Beware. With a strong speed bonus, their galleons might run out of fast fire galleys always…


speed is actually a bigger buff then people give it credit for, it allows you to patrol into engagements faster, meaning more shots earlier on. honestly, given how little eco bonuses berbers has though (for navy anyway), i don’t think a speed buff is going to do much for them.

Give them shipwright?


I would like their explosive ships to either make more damage or have a bigger blast radious. Combined with theie speed bonus, could make them a quite viable civ in water

just give them shipwright

I mean wouldn’t that be the point of a bonus so the civ has an advantage? In imperial when there is a mass of galleons, players don’t spam fast fires because they get 1 shot anyway.

I’m guessing this would be really helpful in feudal and castle when there are low number of galleys and you can outrun fires. It would make the other civ have to make galleys also. I still think this buff wouldn’t make them better than Vikings or Italians. It would be interesting to see it play out.

Right now, berbers are not strong on water when they should be. The speed boost plays very little significance currently.

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I tried several games with berbers in water, i thought their fires would be great catching war galleys but they don’t, i don’t know if its bugged but their movement speed is faster than their speed while attacking, i would need to test it more, but so far their water bonus has little effect in battles, making it another bonus that is really far from the +50 faster firing speed, cheap ships, more hp in ships or half the upgrade cost and to make things worse they don’t have shipwright, so yeah they are not a naval civ.

Not to the point of making a counter pointless

It can be good but think micro nerds.

May it be related to the rotation speed? Ships first rotate before moving. This may impact the overall speed buff, who may be applied only while not rotating.