Berkshire Palace cannon's attack doesn't damage target at max range

version : 5.0.7989.0

Hello guys,

I create this new topic to report a very weird bug.

The Berkshire palace cannon’s attack doesn’t work at max range (15 tiles). It only starts damaging a target after shooting something closer and then re-attacking the max range target.

To reproduce :

Play english, build a berkshire palace, upgrade cannon emplacement on a revealed map on Hille and Dale (the map I tested this).

An ennemy has to build a building at the max range of the cannon. The Berkshire palace will start shooting with the cannon but it seems that the projectile disepears and doesn’t do any damage. The ennemy will still got the attack notification.
If the castle starts attacking an other target closer, the cannon will now deals damage on the max range target.

Problem :
With that bug, someone can abuse it by making a building max range and “cancelled” the cannon’s attack, allowing to get closer without being attacked by the cannon already triggered by the first target.

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Thank you @Akagaro! I’ll get this logged so the team can check it out. Appreciate the report!