Berries or animals as Abbasid?

Hi guys,

  1. I know abbasid/delhi have bonus for berries. So i dont know with that bonus berries should go first or still animals give more food?

  2. What is that cirles when u try to build mill, i didnt saw any of them with other civilizations playing? Does that gather bonus work only when it is around mill area?

It depends if sheep or berries are more abundant or reliable.

Inside of that circle berries will have more max food to maximize gathering. If you have berries nearby and a lack of sheep, it makes it a great alternative.

Usually I stick to nearby berries until I get the increased farming for Abbasids, but it’s pretty situational and overall up to you.

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Gather rate for berry is 0.666, sheep&farm 0.75, deer 0.825, pig 0.9, fish 1.0, so Delhi and Abbasid having +25% gather rate buffs it to 0.666×1.25=0.825, to the deer level.

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