Berry bushes no longer increased by "Garden Bounty"

Played as Delhi tonight. I built mills near the berries. Picket fences appeared around the bushes. Beautiful. However, when I watched the replay, I noticed that each bush only had a max of 250 food. My opponents berries also had a max of 250 food on their berries. I believe Delhi and Abbasid berries with mills nearby should have 350 food available.

Patch 19801

Upon further investigation, new patches still get a boost of 100, I observed a patch that was partially depleted. It looks like they go to 350/250 food. So, when they were partially gathered, the boosted food appeared to be broken.

so you mean if you gather 10 food from a 250 bush and then build a mill on it then the bush from which you already gathered 10 food will not get the bonus?

No, I thought the bonus was broken bc during my replay i saw I had 140/250 on berries I was gathering. However, the game give delhi the berry bonus, it just doesn’t update the maximum food value on the berries. So they say 350/250 instead of 350/350. So, I thought it was a gameplay bug, but it’s just run of the mill UI laziness. When patches update tech trees, UI, and tooltips lag months behind lol.

350/250 is the right value to display 350/350 will be misleading