Bersaglier Stun

One of the main gimmicks of the Bersagliere is that after he kills a unit the next attack they will stun his next target, but i just found out this passive is pretty much useless against ranged units, because the stun is 2.5 seconds but it seems the target stunned unit as soon the stun ends they instantly can retaliate(assuming they have the standart 3 sec aa cd), wich means that their auto-attack resets even during the stun, even if they just had attacked 0.1 sec before they got stunned, against melee units is somehow usefull because at least stops the melee unit from reaching them for some seconds.

Well, it prevents movement, which is pretty big. If a unit gets stunned and stops moving it can easily get left behind in a retreat, allowing it to get picked off basically for free as a large group of bergs keep chasing.

Also you’re assuming the bergs are still in range of whatever they stunned by the time the stun ends. If the bergs run from a bad fight they can take less damage.

I think movement speed is what makes bergs strong.

Btw, Italy does need some kind of treaty/late game buff, but I don’t know that it needs a berg buff

I agree that in supremacy is very good were speed and range matter much more then in treaty, but i dont think that the enemy skirmisher or ranged unit should be able to retaliate as soon the the stun ends given they have the same range or are within range, it feels like, what is the stun for? i know bersaglier and italy in treaty is lacking, this is just one more to add to one of those problems.