Bersekergang affecting all infantry? Drill and Slav Siege discount affecting trebuchet?

I am curious about what would be the impact on those civs , with Bersekergang only granting to all barrack units the regeneration of the Base Berserk (Berserk regeneration granted remains the same).
Not sure about Slavs and Mongols with my idea.

what would the purpose of these changes be? these civs are all fine as is.

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I mean to make the tech and the bonuses more thematically complete

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and while that may be so, it also has the adverse side of increasing the power of Mongols, Slavs, and Vikings.

do you not see how this would be problematic?


I’m all for thematic improvements, even if it can sometimes fly in the face of what people call conventional balance.

Slavs having 15% cheaper trebuchets would certainly make sense. It’s a buff to the civ, but rather late in the game and I believe something we could get over.

For Drill it’s a bit more tricky, because against Mongols it’s already super hard to kill castles/defend from trebs, because Mangudais melt your rams and trebs. Being able to deploy trebs more easily would be a significant power creep, so even if it’s thematically relevant I don’t think it would work well.

For Berserkergang, I’m torn. While it would work thematically, and I find UTs that only affect the UU flawed in design, I would be warry of extending the effect to all Infantry, as it would wear off the uniqueness of Berserks, which has already been challenged by the introduction of Supplies for Champions.


It’s not a good idea to make Berserkergang affect all infantries because this will make Berserks more similar with Viking Champions. IMO Berserkergang can be added some other bonus to Berserks, such as giving berserks abilities to defend all the attack bonus.

Berzerkergang is already a very strong UT, for a very Strong unit. Berzerks are essentially Champions taht do not get hard-countered by Cavalry, and can regenerate.
Keep Berzerkergang as it is, please.

Drill and Slav discount should not affect Trebs either, as the Trebuchet is already the stronged Siege unit in the game by a wide margin, and it is not like Slavs and Mongols are weak civ in any way.