I really like one of the above ideas, and the following change can be implemented:

Berserks lose natural regeneration.
Berserks speed increased from 1.05 to 1.1 to accommodate the change.
Berserkergang provides +30 HP/min healing for Berserks only (up from +20 effect, but down from total of 40 HP/min total)

As per convenience, the Ages of the UTs can be swapped as well.

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Why does it need to be nerfed? Why do berserks need to be nerfed?

Trading speed for slight HP regen. I guess Berserks are meant to be faster than most infantry.

Actually Berserks are pretty good units when they get going, so a nerf can be justified too.

true they are kinda the knight/hussar replacement for vikings somehow

but I think 40 hp / minute is still fine. they have low hp so it’s not that easy to make much use of hp regen really.

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The only fear I have with this is that Berserks lose their gimmick, like it’s a trend for every UU to have a gimmick [looking at you Longbowmen].

You gave them .05 speed but stripped them of all regen before the tech. Thats a nerf.
Thry then get less regen overall. Thats a nerf.

There is a difference between pretty good and busted, and no, a nerf isnt justified.

A monk costs 100G and heals 150 HP/min. Post Imperial Berserks cost 25G and heal 40 HP/min.

You get a combatant for 65F basically. Of course there are pros and cons of having a monk unit separately, like converting enemy units and heal Arbalesters but being slow and costing additional population.

They won’t remove the identity of Berserks, something that essentially has been the “wow” factor of the civ since 1999.

What they might do is, buffing their infantry.

A monk can heal other units, and berserks can only heal themselves. Furthermore they also cost food.

I really hate the UTs which upgrade the gimmick of the UU, like bro “can’t you think of something better?”


Royal Heirs - 100% faster creation for the fastest creatable Infantry

Bearded Axe - extra range for a ranged heavy infantry

Berserkergang - healing for a unit which can already heal

I already dislike Yeomen, because the effect is already present twice in the civ bonuses


Read the pros and cons. I clearly said both. Having monks with Infantry has cons like easily being sniped, costing extra population etc. After you account for healing of 25G, the Berserk is basically a Champion which costs 65F instead of 45F 20G, which is a better deal.

Then replace the effect with the true Berserkergang.
Something like infantry units do double damage when under 25% HP.
Percentages and extra damage totally arbitrary.

Actually the true effect would be ignoring damage, so some sort of damage resistance, but they already have +20% HP, so it seems kind of redundant.

Or maybe change the tech into something totally unrelated, changing name as well. As Vikings were raiders, they could reap a bit of gold from destroyed buildings for example, would help in the lategame since Viking trash is not something I’d call outstanding.


Or berserks can fight 5-10 seconds after being at 0 hp?
That would be realistic.

Maybe just boosting their regen? Like they can regen 60hp/min while idle and 40hp/min while active.
Or they can regen 40hp/min while idle and 1hp/2 damage dealt while active.

I like these two A LOT.

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the design philosophy of Vikings is that you nearly always reach Castle age earlier, thus gaining an advantage there with Crossbows. You should also reach Imperial earlier due to 3 TC boom. At that point, Arbalest is still a decent power spike, even without Thumb Ring. The awkwardness part comes when you must tech transition out of Arbalest into Berserks, which is your supposed go-to power unit. This is where Vikings feel weak and the opponent has a chance to come back.

Asking for regenerating 84 HP Champions is… preposterous. Vikings aren’t meant to be good at every stage of the game. Let’s not forget that until not long ago, Vikings as an “infantry civ” put to shame basically every archer civ other than Chinese, both in 1v1s and TGs. I doubt losing Thumb Rings catapulted them from top 5 to bottom tier. According to most pros, e.g. the recent Hera youtube video, they are still top 10 on Arabia.


I always found it funny that Elite Berserks have less HP than other Elite Infantry UU, despite having +20% HP. Perhaps Berskergang should give extra HP to change that. It could help Elite Berserks feel more worthwhile as it is one of the more expensive Units to invest into.

actually, their post imp are that bad, if not the worst in the game at the moment. Trash light cav, no halb (it doesn’t mattter if they have chieftain plust 20% because they’re still weaker than generic halb), skirm without thumb ring…I mean…they are just terrible, oh and no long term eco. So techinically, if you can’t beat your opponent in castle and very early imp, you’re toasted.

I think berserkergang should do something else really. Doubling down on HP regen for such ridiculous price tag is just waste of UT slot.

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oh also I played Vikings recently and apparently they have Siege Ram with Siege Engineers? That’s not below average, that’s above average. People need to get out of the idea that no BBC = unplayable Siege.

vikings’ free eco upgrades also lets them get to siege ram pretty easily, considering the upgrade only costs food and vikings usually have nothing to spend food on once they are fully boomed