Besides singals of flare , make we can put a n attack flag so allies know where to move army

Sometimes we need to let an ally to know where there are easy killable enemy units or where we want he move the army but with them and not alone, so it would be easier to put a flag on map so they know of where we want they move, for example i have a real cannon and my ally is sieging a house, but i saw 20 skirmishers easily killable with them, but they ran away and my ally didnt saw them, i can make many flare signals to show where they are, but he is not attentive to my flare signal, because he is on his city moving his villagers, so when i send many flares to him, he doesnt see flares even if i sent 10 flares, so it would help to have flags to put on the map to let players not attentive to flares signals where we saw easily killable units, easily killable villagers, an enemy group of 5 horses raiding our villagers, without having to wait to not attentive players to flare signal for being attentive to our signal. So with flags on map and an clickable icon that move the camera view to the last flare signals that let flags on the map, would be easier to let them know what we wanted those 10 secs they were busy moving their villagers.
This is specially helpful for players that take to much time to move villagers.

I don’t think it would be necessary at all but it would look and feel cool. I vote yes.

So, in short, custom map flags, right?
I would find a use to 3 custom flags next to the existing one on the mini-map when playing in teams with someone who doesn’t speak the language or doesn’t take the time to read your comments.

1)Alert flag :exclamation: - The standard flag we have right now for the mini-map, since it’s the only flag we have it just means alert (Keep an eye on the enemy).
2)Attack flag :crossed_swords: - It could show the same circle as the one we have right now with an icon of 2 swords to indicate you want your teammate to strike that one zone.
3)Defend flag :shield: - Same as above, instead of swords it shows the icon of a shield (You get where I’m going at…), it can indicate that you want your ally to reinforce a wall with outposts or a few units, maybe guard a trading post (The difference from the last one is that you don’t move your whole army, you just need some defenses).

Good idea, I vote yes too.