Best 1v1 Unit

Fully upgraded Elite Berserk - even in the small island, if micro is correct, can run and heal often and is fast enough to give ranged units trouble

Not really, Camel Archer can run faster and regenerate.

To kill a Camel Archer a faster unit is needed, and there aren’t so many. Cav archers type won’t win this match up obviously. Which doesn’t leave that much possibility.

Camels are faster and have the hp to tank some arrows, so this would still work. Mameluke and HCamels can kill it, but even this case it won’t be that much one sided cause Mamelukes don’t do bonus damage vs camels and Camels do much less.

If the big island was even bigger, I’d agree, but I doubt the island is big enough for a Camel Archer to evade a Rattan Archer indefinitely. The Rattan Archer has decent range and good speed. It should be possible to come sufficiently close to the Camel Archer to be able to shoot at it.

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Then why don’t we go for the perfect compromise between the two aka. the Plumed Archer? It’s fast and has great range.

Quick question : if a Monk manage to convert an Onager midgshot and die from the resulting friendly fire, does it count as a draw?

it has weaker damage than even normal arbs so it would force you to spend much more time hit and running, which would lead to more risks of making a mistake. Also the camel archer (or any FU cav archer for this matter) can beat it effortlessly.

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Assuming each side only has one unit, the onager player would lose as soon as his unit get converted so the shot wouldn’t land anyway. If both sides have units somewhere else on the map so that the scenario doesn’t end this fast I would still say that the monk won, since his side has 1 unit on the island while the other side has none.

That’s funny…