Best Booming Civ

Out of the civs in the DE which one is the best at booming a eco with?

I would say Shang due to the cheaper villagers.

@qweytr24 said:
I would say Shang due to the cheaper villagers.

Ill give them a shot! Thanks!

Shang are good, Babylonians also do well because of their better walls. Persians can also boom exceptionally well due to their hunting bonus.

On Water maps Minoans with their cheaper boats work well, too.

Romans have cheap buildings which helps a lot when getting those extra TCs down

Definitely Shang. Their main downside is that they have a pretty weak Iron, which can hamper you in the larger team games, but if you do enough damage in Bronze it might not matter. They’re probably the best civ for 1v1.

In terms of economy count.

Shang on land as cheaper villagers.

However if there is water then Minoan come top. Even on Inland there is usually one patch of ‘deep’ that can allow a Minoan to out boom Shang with their cheaper fishing ships.

In terms of economic performance Palmyran villagers take the same time to build in town centres as other civs yet are better in gathering so when town centre time is the limiting factor on expanding the economy then the Palmyran can pull off a powerful boom. With Palmy though they take a bit longer to get going and require more local food to get going.

The risk with Palmy is that the 1 ‘bash armour’ doesn’t really count for much and personally I would rather have Shang:s more numerous villagers even though they cost more wood in housing to support as the overall economy is more resilient to raids.

Shang is the best booming civ on all maps. Minoa is equal on some water maps, with a few lucky breaks.

Shang’s cheaper villager means you never skip a beat with making your first villagers and you save a lot of food over time. You can put fewer villagers on berries, so you can send a villager to chop wood/explore faster, build a house on time, and get to making docks if boat booming is your thing. With a little practice and repetition, you will find Shang allows you to never miss a beat, get your early economy clicking along and once you get to Bronze, get a Government Center and spam more town centers. Every map type and start is ‘easy’ for Shang.

Minoa is also a great booming civ, on certain map types (lots of real water) and on a subset of those maps…that is, you need a good water map (Continental, Medit) and you also need a good spot for your first storage pit. The perfect start for Minoa is the first building built is a storage pit, near the water with 2-3 shorefish and a forest. That’s an A+ start for Minoa—1st building is the storage pit for fish and forest and 2nd building (and 3rd, 4th) is a dock(s). Each deviation from that slows down their boom. If they have to go granary first (for berries), and then storage pit for wood (with or without shorefish) and then dock as the 3rd building (rather than 2nd), then they are slowed down early booming and, perhaps, open to getting rushed on land. If the opening build is the storage pit near shorefish and ‘a few trees’, then they still need to make their 2nd building another storage pit near a real forest (and, ideally, a gold mine since they need it in bronze anyway)

So, yes, on many water maps with good fishing, you can make Minoa work but you do need a few things to break your way; you need to micromanage your opening villagers well and you need to quickly decide whether it’s an A+ start (storage pit for food/wood) or granary start (which slows you down a little from booming). Also, boats can only get food . Whereas, villager-booming with Shang leads to food, or wood, or gold, or stone, or whatever you want them to do…even attack land based tool units (if necessary) and eventually rip down towers with Siegecraft upgrade.

Shang is the best one overall. Yamato and Assyrian are also good because of their faster villagers. If you have a lot of fish available and good wood, I would say that minoan can outboom shang. With minoan you can bronze with 50+ pop due to their cheap fishing boats.

Thanks for the answers guys!