"Best civ" in the profile section resetting after closing the game

Game Version:

  • Build (34699)
  • Steam


Today I played two co-op games vs AI using the lobby system and won both, first as Tatars and second as Franks. After this my profile would say that my best civ is Frank (it was N/C just after the update because it got reset I guess) It however remembered all the games I played and would correctly give 8 wins and 17 games. After closing the game and coming back later it now says that my best civ is… N/C. However the 8 wins and 17 games are still there

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Win some games in multiplayer
  2. Note wich civ is your “best civ” in the profile"
  3. Quit the game. Relaunch it and check whether it got reset or not.