Best counters to 20 janissaries, 10 hussars, 15 falconets and 5 great bombards?

Hi everybody guys,
I want to discuss with you about the best counters to a Ottomans template platoon I always found in multiple matches.
It is a group of 20 janissaries, 10 hussars, 15 falconets and 5 great bombards.
What would you use to counter it?

Culverine and countless dragoons


Nothing in there to counter Dragoons.
Culverins eat up Artillery. The Dragoons make it impossible to kill them with the Hussars.
Add some cannons your self to kill the Janissaries.

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Does War Wagons or Hakkapelits work too instead of Dragoons, according to you?

It can be a War wagons, but not Hakkapelits. Hakkapelits have low range and no additional multipliers for melee cavalry, so they will be easily removed by Janissaries.

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Armies with so much Artillery are fragile and not very manoeuvrable.
Very expensive too.

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Thank you for your replies! Sometimes, I see someone replacing all the hussars with Ottomans typical Cavalry Archer. If I am right, War Wagons and Dragoons should be still good.

A mass of chimu runners. Saw this happening yesterday.

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Ok guys, I just wanted to tell you that I perfectly countered and destroyed an army of 30 Janisseries, 15 Falconets and 5 Great Bombards with only 10 War Wagons, 7 Falconets and 7 Culverines.

Seems like a lot of falcs