Best Eco and Best Defense

What civ/clan/group has the best Eco in AOEDE and which is the best defensive?

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Babylonian has 2x HP towers and walls, Roman towers cost half the cost.

Sumerian has 40 HP villagers. (I think it makes it more resistant at the beginning?)


Persia has a fast growing economy because of the hunting bonus. So if you’re good at economy, this is a good civ that you can take advantage on. So I would say their economy is great if you intend on playing wars on tool or bronze age. Once you start making farms, you lose this advantage.

Palmyran can be a very effective civ on economy especially if it has water and fishes. But it’s only good at economy if you’re not getting rushed. Tip : wall yourself. Palmyra economy is better if you’re a turtle player all the way to the iron age.


When it comes to defense, I would say Roman is the most defensive civ. Because not only are towers half cost, but they have all the units required to defend. They have full grown swordsmen, full grown centurions, full grown catapults, full grown ballistas, they have scythes. You can hold against pretty much any civilisation with them. And the only thing that will stop you is skills from the other player.

The Shang have cheaper villagers I believe and better walls, which certainly allows you to turtle up and boom behind walls.

Thank you everyone. Time to jump in today on my day off and get this done!