Best GPU for AOE - AMD or Nvidia?

I generally prefer Nvidia videocards because they have better drivers - fewer glitches.

But hows the video quality compared to AMD for strategy games like AOE?

Any comments welcome.

i run an nvidia right now without any issues, but that’s just me. i don’t know what’s better then what.

I too use an nvidia. 940mx, to be exact.
As long as the gpu fills the requeriments, it’s good to go. You should worry more about prices and specs than the capacity to run this game - as it varies from model to model. Cheap old nvidias will always lose to amd state-of-the-art gpus, and vice versa.

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A gt 1030 is good enough.

game actually can run with any 4 year old video card, so don’t break the bank just for the sake of this game. Pick a card that will support your other games or ones you want to try.
I went with a new PC with a relatively cheap AMD RX 580, gives me 1275 in the online game test. But the system heats up if I keep the desk door closed when I am playing, so I open the desk door before starting :slight_smile:

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