Best Gundpowder civ (Remastered) P.D: Happy New Year!

  • Indians (more range HC, gold gets faster)
  • Italians (cheaper gunpowder and faster imp
  • Bohemians (HWW, Castle Age gunpowder, gunpowder units 15% faster, Houfnice)
  • Burgundians (gunpowder units +25% damage)
  • Turks (BBT, BBC, BBG more range, gunpowder units trains faster and more HP)
  • Spanish (BBC, HC, and BBG shots more faster, Conqueror, BBG gets more affected by Ballisctics)
  • Portuguese ( with Arquebus tech: Gunpowder units have gets more affected by ballistics. BBT, BBC, HC, BBG and Organ Gun UU available, Gunpowder units are -20 gold cheaper.)

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also Spanish BBG have more accurate, sorry for that detail

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and blacksmith archer armor upgrades (who affects HC) have no gold cost.

I’d say Spanish or Bohemians. But I like Conquistadores more than Hussite Wagons, so Spanish for me.

Turks are my go to civ for gunpower. Spaun is probably #2 and Ports #3. I dont know how the new DLC civs will play out, so i ignore them in my list.


180 wood 180 gold bombard cannon.


Bohemians are really good as far as gunpowder is concerned. Early chem gives them good crossbows, or HCs if it is relevant, Hussite Wagon is really good against archers, and Houfnice is super strong if they get there, with the splash damage making it almost undodgeable.

I dont own the DLCs, so i just dont comment on the new civs at all. You can be right, you can be wrong. I just dont know.