Best secundary unique unit (Remade)

  • Longboat
  • Turtle Ship
  • Caravel
  • Slinger
  • Houfnice
  • Imperial skirmisher
  • Flemish milita
  • Flaming camel
  • Imperial camel
  • Missionary
  • Genitour

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also condottiero hahaha

hmmmm, I think you miss Winged Hussar

Technically it’s a regional unit since it’s shared by 2 civs

Hard to judge ships since depending on the map they are either the most important unit or do not appear. On land I’d say the houfnice, it’s great for sieges and to counter enemy siege units, especially onagers, that would otherwise be devastating to a wagenburg formation.

Condottieri by far (20 char)

is like combat elephant but with 2 civs