Best Way To Take Down Cavalry Heavy Civs

What type of units should I be making other than Pike to take down heavy cavalry unit nations? Like the ones that rush with 40-60 horses.

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other than pikes are musketeer and ranged cavalry overall the best counter to heavy cav is the ranged cav since they are faster and can kite the heavy cav very easy

Lol, there is no 40-60 horses rush haha. It takes too much time to build that number or any cav unit to be considered a rush.

But well, if you wanna deffend against cav, u can mix any type of musk cuz is a cav counter and mix with a little bit of cav to catch’em. Distance cav is another good option, dragoons, ruyters, war wagons, etc.

So yo can make:

Any unit that has a good multiplier against cav, in hand or distance attack, when u select an unit u can see their attack an multipler against other units