Beta Date

When do you think we will have the date for the beta?


Maybe that weekend or another weekend.

Let the players try it and then justifiably criticize.


As fast as possible.

It is necessary to give feedback to the developers so that they have enough time for REPAIRS

They will fix bugs and balance issues after the beta test and release.


good question. I think it’s a weekend when most people are home.

But it’s just my thought we gotta wait and see

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Can people record beta games and put them on youtube or something so others can give suggestions as well?

Similar to prior AoE betas, my guess is that won’t be allowed as this goes against the NDA you must accept when testing.


I think we’ll see beta keys being rolled out to limited groups of testers soon (noting that it’s already being tested by some AoE veterans that are working for Relic). AoE4 is set to launch around the same time as AoE3DE did last year (fall), and AoE3DE began beta testing “publicly” in March/April of 2020. Given AoE4 is an entirely new game whereas AoE3DE was a remake of sorts, I think it would be naïve of Relic to not beta test AoE4 as early and often as they did for AoE3DE.


Kind of sucks that the 1st real gameplay footage 1 v 1 we will see only on fall then.

Or they wait for the end of the virtual village to launch the beta.

2 weeks have past and no signal of the beta


And here the date the Beta test is in the world.
1.5.2021. But its just in my opinion :slight_smile:

I wanted to lure you guys.

Im tired of waiting…Although I probably know that I wont get the Beta key :frowning:

There are an awful lot of players and former testers here.

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We see that the beta is expected quickly. I think a lot of people want to play it.


I’m gonna go with mid May to Memorial Weekend

I think that might violate the non disclosure agreement you must agree to be involved in beta testing


When are going to be the betas of AOE IV distributed?


When something is known you can be sure that they will announce it in the forum, most likely in the insider section. If you haven’t found anything, it means they haven’t said anything yet


Thanks for the info, i will be waiting


Well, they also send you an email if you’re selected. Know this from experience.

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