Beta installation help

I installed on steam (said ETA 6 hrs) so I came back to it the next night and it wouldn’t launch. Something about a missing executable file? So I went to steam and hit play, it tried installing something for another 3min or so, and same error.
What can I do differently?

By the way, was anyone else’s estimated DL time 1 day and 3 hrs?!

Hi @JRLionheart, Are you having installation issues with Age of Empires: Definitive Edition beta or Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition beta? Also if you need beta forum access, please see this topic.

I had the same problem. First, if you already have AOEII this will install as a different edition and will say Beta next to it. I closed everything, cleared cookies and cleared the cache in Steam. Then launch steam and go to the games library. Go to the little tiny bar in the upper left (above the main STORE LIBRARY bar) and click on games. You should see “Activate a Product on Steam.” Click that and then you will be asked to enter the code you were sent in an email. That worked for me.
Hope it works for you.

I was able to find it from the beta forum link! Thank you!

What worked was going to the library and right clicking the game, going to properties, the beta tab, putting in the beta key, then after that selecting closed beta from the menu.

Hope this helps someone!

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