Beta key

Former video game tester and I majored in history… and i’ve been playing RTS games since the mid 90s… so ya would love to test that beta real nice :wink:


Yeah we all want to :wink:


I guess you need to be lucky like anyone else

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An old lover, I have all his games. I want too. Loves from Turkey :slight_smile:

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Bende bu fırsattan yararlanmak istiyorum çocukluğum oyunu ve yayınlarını severek yapıyorum. Türkiyeden selamlar :slight_smile:

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Crossing my fingers…

If it was coming very soon, they would have said it today. Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised, but at this point we’re likely just going to be looped into the last minute beta to help test server stability for multiplayer as well as send logs to the devs for any crashes or showstopper bugs. I was hoping we’d have a chance to comment on balance, civs, gameplay, UI, etc.

I doubt they would have said very soon. but guess we will see. after all the next weekend is close^^

If “soon” meant more than 2 months, then hopefully “very soon” is no more than 1 month. I don’t see them launching a beta before or during July 4th holiday in the USA, so I’d say July 12th is the absolute earliest, but am not holding my breath.

You’d have to imagine within the next month or two…

Dont we all! Can not wait!

Probably July,or Aug max,by September it will be quite late for closed beta

Off-topic- there are quite great games lined up this holiday season with aoe 4 like forza horizon 5,horizon dawn 2 with far cry 6 & bf , halo,looks like a very busy season,wish they spaced out a bit lol

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thats also why I wish the beta would come. There is otheer games to play aswell soon, there werent much the last weeks anbd maybe even the coming 2-3. but then…

so now what we can do is waiting ?