Beta signup, survey

Several days ago I signed up for Age of Expires II Definitive Edition BETA and one day I found few guys posting about AoE-2 DE BADGE in the forum while I was reading the posts in this forum

I registered for beta from some link in the email or forum ( I do not remember exactly ) and was searching the forum when I would get the BADGE / AoE 2 DE Invite.

I even posted in the forum asking for a BADGE. The Moderator ( RadiatingBlade ) helped me but I told him that I did not get survey for beta access.

Next I found a signup link on the main website

So, guys if you are wondering about Beta Signup

then visit

and finish your survey. I reported to the Moderator by posting in the post I opened, inquiring about the badge.

Now after finishing the beta signup at
I successfully finished the survey, I linked the steam account, also I uploaded DxDiag report.

So, I hope you guys find this post answers your questions.


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