Beta test request AoE 4

Hi Developers. Here is a loyal fan from the Czech Republic.

I’m a big fan of RTS strategies. But most of all, I love the AoE series. And so I’m very interested in one place in the beta test.

I am not a great player, tester or professional player.
But I think I’m such a golden center of the gaming community.

Thank you in advance for one place …
The whole AoE community is so hot it can’t even be described.


I second this, give this person a spot. Because let’s face it Praha is one of the best cities in Europe


You’re not the only one who wants to participate in beta testing. Imagine what would happen if every insider started creating posts asking for place…

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NO you can join under my post.
All it takes is one player from the community and the others join those who want to.

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I’d rather try an action. And make myself visible so that the developers don’t miss me.
I still don’t think they even know the Czech Republic.
And anyway, they will only send the keys to their verified Beta testers …
But I had to try

Send the developers Czech beer, so they will immediately put you in the first list for the beta test)) :beer: :beers:


Funny our coincidences. Although I’m from Brazil I have mutual feelings about this series. =)


the best way to make yourself visible is by contributing to the forums in a way that provides value to the community - I don’t think asking for Beta access is the best way to do that but I admire your forwardness. :slight_smile:


I am from India and I love rts games hope all insider get beta invitation

last time I checked, insiders all had the same chance to participate in the beta and were chosen by their DXdiag results. If they were in betas before, i THINK they were also directly cosen, but nit sure there.

anyway, afaik a post here wont go unnoticed, but also probably wont boost your chances. all you can do is go to your insider profile, update your data and especially the dxdiag, and hope for the best.
We dont even know when thee beta will start, so we will have to wait and see if you git lucky :wink:

Good luck to everyone in getting a beta spot! Let’s hope we’re all lucky and get a chance to play it :slight_smile:


Lol this post doesn’t make sense. No offense, but think if every fan come here asking to be an age insider like this :confused: :man_facepalming:


If that works… they’ll receive some homemade bratwurst soon.


Good luck to everyone in getting a beta spot!

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Nice! Thuringian? Then I would like to post a RfR (Request for Recipe) :smile: - OK off topic…
I could accompany it with franconian smoked beer (SPEZIAL) and homemade sour dow bread…


it said when you sign up the people with the best pc s get to play first

to bad there is a nda so no one can stream it

I usually make salsiccia al finocchio and Taiwanese sausage (quite different from “normal” bratwurst. It’s sweet with Chinese five-spice and some strong alcohol. The texture is rather chunky which I personally absolutely love). I have to confess, despite being German, I’m not much of a fan of German type bratwurst.

I don’t really have a detailed recipe for the salsiccia al finocchio (I rather go by feeling except for the salt) but for the Taiwanese sausage. If you’re still interested, let me know!

Perfect. I’m from Greece. I’m fun of your series. Need a place too.

The Netherlands here, same request